Tsu-Chan// Tsubasa x Fem! Reader

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Sorry for the shortness m(_ _)m


"Tsu-chan..." Tsubasa continued to pat your head, giggling softly at the cutely sight of you sleeping on her lap. She couldn't resist fawning over you.

You were peacefully sleeping, exhaustion from all the school work had finally took over you, and you doze off as you were about to finish your lunch. Thankfully, Tsubasa was there to catch you before you hit the ground, and now the both of you were just enjoying the sunlight, one sleeping, one trying not to move as much.

Tsubasa herself was about to doze off as well when suddenly, a thought came up in her head, making her smirk. Using her only free hand, she brushed off locks of your (H/C) hair and leaned forward-

Planting a small peck on your lips. "I love you, (Y/N)-chan, I wish you could hear me right now"

Fortunately, her wish was answered, as you heard what she had said and gave a surprisingly cute grunt. "I love you too, Tsu-chan~!" You yawned as you nuzzled closer into her arm.

Tsubasa gazed down at you, blushing furiously. "Eh~ What are you embarrassed about" You teased as you poked her cheeks.

"Shut up-"


-Yokaze (I just activated Japanese keyboard in my phone and I love it-)

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