Is it love?// Dia x Kitsune! Fem! Reader [2]

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(Y/N)'s POV

I felt numb; every inch of my body aching with an unbearable pain. My mind screamed at me to move, but my body refused to comply. The deafening voices around me shot through my head like a bullet, another wave of pain deluged me once more. With a groan, I slowly lifted my eyelids, staring straight at a face that my vision had blurred out.

"She's waking up! Everyone back away and give her some space" The sentence was barely audible through my heightened senses. Moments later, my vision cleared and finally was adjusted to the hurtful brightness, and to my surprise I found myself staring at the most beautiful girl my own (E/C) eyes laid on; long ebony hair and green eyes that shone like diamonds (Hahaha...ha...I made a dumb pun).

"A-ah! You're awake!" the girl in front of my view exclaimed as she leaped up and swatted some dust off from her skirt.

"I'm alive..." I mumble under my breath, barely enough for the girl to hear.

"Excuse me?" I immediately got myself up, but as I did, I felt my neck and stomach aching in pain. I winced slightly as the emerald-eyed girl tried to get me to lay down.

"You musn't get up for now. Or otherwise, your wounds might open up and start bleeding again" She told me in a worry-riddled tone. Huh, I've never met this pretty girl in my life and she's already concerned over me, today must be my lucky day.

"W-who are you?" I stammered, hoping to get an answer.

"I'm Kurosawa Dia," She answered. "My friends and I found you outside in the rain, with serious injuries" The girl, now revealing herself to be called Dia, added. I finally noticed that I was now inside that old temple I was guarding, surrounded by eight other girls you eyed me in awe, wonder, and bafflement.

"My Wounds...?" Memories of my fight with the Bakeneko; (En/N), flooded through my mind. I remembered her lunging for my throat and bit down, before I delivered the final blow. I graze my fingers against my neck, which was now wrapped in bandages that were soaked with fresh blood- my blood.

"Are you ok now, Kami-sama?" One of the surrounding girls- one with hair colored like the wild mandarins/mikans growing in the vegetation nearby the temple- asked as she took a step closer to me.

I nodded as the green-eyed girl extended a hand out for me. I accepted the gesture and she slowly pulled me up, careful to not become rough.

I shook the six (F/C) tails protruding from behind me, eager to get rid of the water soaked into the fur, but I immediately stopped after a couple of seconds as it began to sting and ache.

"Damn, girl got me good" I grunted. I stroked the bandages covering my stomach, and began to limp towards the temple's exit; after all, I wasn't exactly allowed inside due to rules.

"H-hey wait!" I stopped in my tracks and turned around to see a red-haired girl with goldish eyes approaching me. "You're still injured, and I'm afraid you're not gonna last long out here with such grave injuries" She turned to look at her friends; I don't know what she was saying because I had my attention directed at Dia, but it may have been something that sounded like a great idea due to the others giving thumbs-ups and nods of approval. The red-haired girl looked at me again. "We've decided that we'll help you to recover"

"Y-yeah! you saved us from that massive cat, and this is the best we could do to repay you!" Another red-haired girl, who was way shorter than the other, exclaimed.

"Hey, ya' look familiar..." I said, approaching her and bending down to take a closer look at her.

"P-Pigi!" She yelped suddenly with a flushed face, running towards a caramel-haired girl and hid behind her. I giggled at the sudden action, despite giving me quite a shock at first.

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