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Reminiscence - Eli Ayase x reader story (Love Live!) by Quint_lover
Reminiscence - Eli Ayase x Q
Y/n L/n decided to come back at Japan and is now running a merchandise shop. Y/n has his history with idols but more particularly with one idol. What would happen if Y/n...
Spider-Man is on Dream! ✨ Pico! (Spider-Man Chibi x Bang Dream Pico) by Doctmar123
Spider-Man is on Dream! ✨ Pico! ( Rider Anime Lover
It is the Spin-off of our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man! To see the different lives of our beloving heroes gets crazy with Bang Girls in love with him!
Love Live! & Sunshine!! x Fem!Reader by skyekurohoshi
Love Live! & Sunshine!! x Fem! Skye
The Love Live! and Love Live Sunshine!! girls featuring Fem!Reader-chan~ Enjoy! Requests CLOSED!
Love for Honoka by ShiroNekoQ
Love for Honokaby Elsie~
it's about Muse's Members and Kira Tsubasa having feelings for their leader This is my first time writing something hope you like it I do not own the image
Love Live Fanfic- Vampire SAGA by Samidskiee
Love Live Fanfic- Vampire SAGAby Samidskiee
A girl name Aiko Yozoru they called her The Dark Lily. she's a singer, a vampire and a first year from Otonokizaka high school. Her father which is the Alpha of the Bloo...
Anime characters x reader, safe for my enby, females, and males. by cherry_blossom_lol
Anime characters x reader, safe cherry
This is all gender safe, the title will say if its a enby reader, male reader, or female reader. Feel free to say what characters, and gender you want to be done. Wlw...
Sisters (A love live AU story)- Reader insert (on hold - for now) by MidnightLaughters
Sisters (A love live AU story)- S-C
Join Reader~Chan as she deals with the daily craziness of her sisters.
 μ's x Aqours (The meet of the Two Goddesses) by peach_pengu
μ's x Aqours (The meet of the 💫
μ's disbanded, and with that. Love live has not been alive. And years pass, A new School Idol has been Born. Named, Aqours. Chika, their leader idolized μ's and it beco...
They're in love with ME?![μ's x Male Reader] {COMPLETE} by VoteForLoona
They're in love with ME?![μ's x VoteForLoona
I'm the type of person who wanted to live a normal life but at the same time I also wanted to live a life full of adventures but I didn't ask for any of this. I'm (L/N)...
Love Live!: CIVIL WAR [PART4] by SecondRound
Love Live!: CIVIL WAR [PART4]by SecondRound
After studying in New York for a month, Akihiko Suzuki returns to his School Idol Club only to find it in ruins. During his absence, Lanzhu Zhong and Mia Taylor have bro...
Girl x Girl X Fem Reader Oneshots and short stories! by Tbake129
Girl x Girl X Fem Reader YuriGod
Ever wanted to feel like your in a story with your favourite girl but you're also a girl? Well now you can with this book!
Love Live School Idol Project - The Third Years x Female!Reader. by kotogoddess
Love Live School Idol Project - HIATUS
You are a young girl who has just moved to Otonokizaka High and what you didn't realize, is that you have 3 beautiful senpais crushing on you. Who will get you first?! T...
Love Live Yuri One-shots by nightdragon456
Love Live Yuri One-shotsby Gay Gushers
Some Love Live Yuri One-shots you know! :D Credits to @JuliaVeronik8 for the cover! <3
Love Live! Body Swap! by GalaxyDragon55
Love Live! Body Swap!by Khorosho Ericchi
"What happened!?" Was Maki's first thought when she looked in the mirror. She didn't see herself, rather one of her friends in Muse. Love Live! Body Swap! Thi...
Female character X Female reader(Yuri) by Vacation-San
Female character X Female reader( Still Uninspired
I have another book that up called Female character X male reader up so I thought might as well make one for the girls.
Random Love Live! Story Book (OLD & CRINGE) by G-Zoe13
Random Love Live! Story Book ( Inactiveuser
HALF OF THESE JOKES ARE UN CREDIT AND I APOLOGIZE As the title says, full of weirdness hilarity and gayness all around scenarios has questionable situations and it may o...
WHY ARE YOU SO CONFUSING?! (A NicoMaki fanfic) by mushroom_face
Nico keeps wondering if Maki is into her or is just teasing her. What happens if both tsundere's can't be honest with their feelings? Will they both find happiness in...
For Eternity《Love Live x Reader》 by ReMirai
For Eternity《Love Live x Reader》by Kaelaa-chan
A quick explanation of why I chose 'For Eternity' as a title~ I feel as if the title is the one most fitting of my book since this book has been going on since forever...