If only fate could be twisted// Nozomi x 'Fate changer'! Cold! Fem! Reader

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red was all i could see.

splattered against the grey and cracked pavement, splattered against the green, surrounding vegetation, splattered against the sky's blue, splattered against lil' old (F/C) me.

every colour you could see was covered by the crimson pulled apart from the seams, choking that familiar scent of your's.

she laid motionless on her own pool of blood, her emerald eyes bore up at me, staring straight at my own (E/C) ones, chest rising and descending slowly. she mouthed something to me- three words that i had least expected to come out from her own mouth- before her limbs and chest fell limp. she had finally given herself up to death.

"i love you"

i took in another gulp of air, i just couldn't take it.

were those lies? this summer heat is mocking me. "what you see is exactly what you're gonna get"

shouting, the screeching tires and the ticking of a clock. noises, noises. screaming loudly in my head.

and with that, two 'options' appeared before me:


hesitantly, i reached towards the most obvious choice.

and suddenly i was thrown into another dark slumber.


You found yourself staring up at the sky, watching as the fluffy clouds moved slowly across the vast space of blue. The sun shone proudly overhead you, it's warmth tingling your skin. The cool, gentle breeze had licked against your cold face, such made you shiver.

You pondered about what had appeared before you before, it was as if the gods above took pity on you and gave you...this 'ability', as you can describe?

But then again, were there really gods in this world?

You were currently standing on a spot on the school roof that overlooked the school's entrance and the busy road...

the truck heard a scream, but it was a little bit too late

with screeching tires and a swearing and flabbergasted driver, the truck came to a sudden stop. the body of a certain shrine maiden laid on the road, broken into bits like a worn-out puppet that was of no use anymore

onlookers watched. that was all they did, they watched. they did nothing but stood there around the ten of you, taking pictures of the body




the noise made you sick. (Holy that rhymes?)

You shut your eyes as scenes from before flash by your mind within seconds. You curled your hands into fists and you gritted your teeth.

"I'll change everything, I WILL change everything" You declared.

Right after you said that, a pair of hands grabbed hold of your breasts and began to fondle with them.

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