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•Blind Love• (Overhaul x Reader) by bleachedeyebrow
•Blind Love• (Overhaul x Reader)by cowgirl fckin boots
*LEMON WARNING* (not too high but not too low if u know wha I'm sayin 😉) A girl name Nozomi Akira (you) has a future, a future in which she cannot comprehend. Her quirk...
  • lemon
  • akiranozomi
  • chronostasis
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Yuri Oneshots?? (X Reader) by SheScribes
Yuri Oneshots?? (X Reader)by SheScribes
These are x reader yuri oneshots!
  • leviackerman
  • lucyheartfilia
  • bullied
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Can Love Live in You? (Love Live Stories And Oneshots) by Miki_jr1
Can Love Live in You? (Love Live Miki jr
Have you ever wondered how love felt? Let me show you. Hey!!! Everyone I am glad to be here, so yeah, my first book and is a oneshot one, be patient with me!! :D Genera...
  • yuri
  • nozomi
  • maki
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Love Live x Reader (Request Closed) Re-writing in process by SalomeRsK21
Love Live x Reader (Request Kate Charl****
The title says it all, buddy. look at the title
  • lovelivexreader
  • kotori
  • eli
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((Returning )Love live x Male! reader one-shots by Dean-9828
((Returning )Love live x Male! That guy dean
I'll be honest this is my first fanfic I've ever written and if I can improve on anything let me anyway this is your basic love love x male reader fanfic
  • loveliveschoolidolproject
  • nozomi
  • romance
•Bon Appetite• (Chronostasis x Reader) by bleachedeyebrow
•Bon Appetite• (Chronostasis x cowgirl fckin boots
So I brought back the vampire story I had a while back, but instead of OverhaulxReader it's ChronostasisxReader. Since I have already have an Overhaul story, I'm gunna m...
  • kuronohari
  • yakuza
  • vampire
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【Awake】// Love Live x Reader oneshots by yokazex
【Awake】// Love Live x Reader I put the d in die
"it felt like a dream" "but i was awake" A book in which a poor trash can shall do her very best to bring ya'll some Yuri oneshots. Requests are OPE...
  • oneshots
  • anime
  • loveliveschoolidolproject
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Is This What They Call Love? by GayForDianaCavendish
Is This What They Call Love?by NicoMaki Stan
Yazawa Nico is a third year with quite the attitude, always showing off and trying to impress those around her. Nishikino Maki is a first year who seems like her polar o...
  • nosmut
  • eli
  • nico
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Nozoeli FanFic by animegirl4242
Nozoeli FanFicby Win♡
Hai >~< this is my first time writing a fanfic. So I hope you'll enjoy it. Also, please don't yell at me if I don't put punctuations where they belong >.< I...
  • nozoeli
  • nozomi
  • nozomixeli
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Tojo Nozomi × Female! Reader (Yuri-One-Shot) by Nozomi-Onee-Chan
Tojo Nozomi × Female! Reader ( Nozomi Tojo
I Will Write Story About Nozomi Tojo, If You Have Any Idea 'Requests', Just Write It In Part 'Requests Open'. I Hope You Will Enjoy ^_^
  • readers
  • female
  • tojo
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-Is This What You Call Love?- Love Live x Male Reader by Itzoopizplayz
-Is This What You Call Love?- ʇɥɐʇonǝɐn!ɯǝןnʌǝɹ
AYEEEEE plz don't read this trash. I suck at writing :( I'm not that creative too hehe
  • rin
  • kotori
  • hanamaru
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Know Your Stars (Love Live School Idol Project and Love Live Sunshine Edition) by FlutterDashFan18
Know Your Stars (Love Live km mk
Watch your favorite school idols get humiliated in the public eye when a disembodied voice says "true facts" (lies). This is basically a parody of "Know...
  • lovelive
  • eri
  • kotori
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AGE REGRESSION!? Love live AU by Fanfic_mortal
AGE REGRESSION!? Love live AUby Fic_chan
When Umi enter the room,Honoka , Hanayo and Maki were found as kids?!!! Umi and the others discovered that they were curse by the Curse Demon and being hunt by his demon...
  • chikatakami
  • nozomi
  • kananmatsuura
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❞ εlιchι?... ❞ Yandere Nozomi  by 2ne1gf
❞ εlιchι?... ❞ Yandere Nozomi by 🥺
Ever Since Eli Joined muse Nozomi has a little crush on her but She has a weird feeling every time Eli hangouts with someone else.
  • loveliveschoolidolproject
  • nozomi
  • nozoeli
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Introvert (Love Live [plus Sunshine!] x Male reader) by Anaverageguy321
Introvert (Love Live [plus I realized I am not an averag...
Y/N L/N is part of the Ace Squadron, a fearsome enforcer group of the Exultants. He excels in the fields regarding: subterfuge, sabotage, and assassination. But now the...
  • ûmî
  • harem
  • aquors
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Upon the Stage (Nozoeli AU fanfic).  by NoodlePhoenix
Upon the Stage (Nozoeli AU fanfic) Phoenix
Ayase Eli an amazing actress, who beauty shines like the sun. Tojo Nozomi a girl who likes to watch from the sideline. She admires Eli, but when she discovered Eli in a...
  • senpai
  • kotori
  • maki
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>{ Reader }< X Muse And otp oneshot(DISCONTINUED) by Kirigaya7017
>{ Reader }< X Muse And otp Kirigaya7017
Muse x reader story and OTP story... you can request too!!!! Want some lemon? Request!
  • live
  • love
  • eliumi
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My Desires by TrapsAreOkay
My Desiresby YeonHee
The complete story for our bread loving idol and part Russian harasho idol. This will be somewhat different than the original My Desires fanfic, but this one will be a...
  • rin
  • honoka
  • kotori
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Love and Hope - Love Live x Female Reader One Shot by JagdGeneral
Love and Hope - Love Live x The General
One shot story and random stuff of Love Live with female reader insert. Some of the story is set in alternative universe (AU). Expect some Yuri and Ecchi scene, but not...
  • fanfiction
  • honoka
  • alternateuniverse
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Cake  by setsubun
Cake by Ash🍈
I like cake, also you
  • nozomi
  • nicomaki
  • maki
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