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Yuri Oneshots?? (X Reader) by SheScribes
Yuri Oneshots?? (X Reader)by SheScribes
These are x reader yuri oneshots!
Can Love Live in You? (Love Live Stories And Oneshots) by Miki_jr1
Can Love Live in You? (Love Live Miki jr
Have you ever wondered how love felt? Let me show you. Hey!!! Everyone I am glad to be here, so yeah, my first book and is a oneshot one, be patient with me!! :D Genera...
Love Live Memes And Facts by MarKus901
Love Live Memes And Factsby Turtle
So the cast are always : Honoka, Umi, Kotori, Rin, Maki, Hanayo, Eli, Nozomi, and Nico. So guys this is not a story but a facts and etc. Please reminder dont insult any...
【Awake】// Love Live x Reader oneshots by yokazex
【Awake】// Love Live x Reader I put the d in die
"it felt like a dream" "but i was awake" A book in which a poor trash can shall do her very best to bring ya'll some Yuri oneshots. Requests are OPE...
Stuck in Replay( μ's × Femreader lovelive fanfic) by Samidskiee
Stuck in Replay( μ's × Femreader Samidskiee
(F/n) (L/n) is a depressed and weak girl who transfer school many times because of bullying. her parents moved her to Stepbrother, Andrew which is a doctor in Tokyo, Jap...
Random Love Live stuff by thelala123
Random Love Live stuffby Unknown :P
Just random stuff related to love live. The anime, game and just my thoughts on some stuff.
(Finished )Love live x Male! reader one-shots by DeanTheWriter
(Finished )Love live x Male! That guy dean
I'll be honest this is my first fanfic I've ever written and if I can improve on anything let me anyway this is your basic love love x male reader fanfic
Love Live x Reader [scratches] by desgayluv
Love Live x Reader [scratches]by time
The title says it all AND this book is closed for request! Thanks for reading and have a good day when you read this.
The World Of Idols (Love Live x Male! Reader AU) by Miki_jr1
The World Of Idols (Love Live x Miki jr
What comes to your mind if I say "The World Of Idols"? Ten years ago Muse disappeared leaving only their legend to be told, but their legend is not over just...
The Path To Becoming Heroes by fluffyLuckydog
The Path To Becoming Heroesby SoftishDemon
-------------------------- Katsu Ito and Nozomi Suzuki are moving to Japan from California to become heroes. They want to attend the best of the best high school, UA Hig...
>{ Reader }< X Muse And otp oneshot(DISCONTINUED) by Tkym_Zen
>{ Reader }< X Muse And otp Zen Takiyama
Muse x reader story and OTP story... you can request too!!!! Want some lemon? Request!
Is This What They Call Love? by GlitraHasConsumedMe
Is This What They Call Love?by NicoMaki Owns My Soul
Yazawa Nico is a third year with quite the attitude, always showing off and trying to impress those around her. Nishikino Maki is a first year who seems like her polar o...
La Familia Prevalece by Umaruuu
La Familia Prevaleceby Umaruuu de las Zuramaru
SEGUNDA TEMPORADA DE EL DESTINO NUNCA CAMBIA Tras el ataque que recibió Kotori quedando internada en el hospital, las hermanas Minami junto con su padre deciden vengarse...
love live Harem x futa reader  by dantntexe930
love live Harem x futa reader by
⚠warning⚠ This involves with futanari if you don't really want to read this don't read it okay are they gone good this story is about a girl who is a transfer student th...
Where My Love Goes [Love Live x Reader Oneshots] [Requests Open] by urbestbroski
Where My Love Goes [Love Live x Oof
"My love goes out of my heart and into the wind Out my guitar and under your skin Into your house and out of your headphones My love goes out of your door and into...
Love Start! Love live! Oneshots by xTheRandomWriterx
Love Start! Love live! Oneshotsby xTheRandomWriterx
I had started writing this story on and decided to move it over here. Enjoy!
Sea of Lamentations › Love Live! - Eliumi fanfic by umisonoduh
Sea of Lamentations › Love eliumi shipper
WARNING: contains mild mature content, read at your own risk :') an eliumi fanfic from Love Live! School Idol Project manga (completed - the sequel "Sea o...
Something's Not Right With Honoka.  by Samidskiee
Something's Not Right With Honoka. by Samidskiee
In a dark night in Akibha, Nico Yazawa was buying some grocery for her siblings then she saw Honoka going to the a dark alley with a girl they met earlier. Nico was curi...
The Vampire And The Human Idols by innocentpenguincub
The Vampire And The Human Idolsby PenguinCub💕
Maki Nishikino is a beautiful and a good singer. She excel in her studies and playing piano. But she is not an ordinary girl. But she is a vampire. She is a vampire that...
Fantasies [Love Live x Reader] by MastermindOfEvil
Fantasies [Love Live x Reader]by Zay
Requests are open! I'm here to make your dreams come true! Here are x reader fanfics I'd write for you Idol Trash out there! Just comment yer requests.