Can't Be Bothered// Riko x Lazy! Fem! Reader

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You liked being lazy. You liked having the thought of not having to do anything. Laziness was basically your way of life, a religion of sort if I would say, and you were ecstatic to spend your lazy days, sitting in your chair and play Osu!, World of Warships, Kancolle, or watch your favorite animes in your overworking computer. (Lol I can relate to this entire paragraph)

Being lazy was great, but took a massive toll on your education. Yes, people admitted you were quite smart unlike most normal teenagers, but you were so lazy, that it went to the point where you wouldn't even go outside anymore to go to school, or even to buy essentials for your everyday needs such as food, toiletries, and other things.

Your room was also affected by your new behavior. Empty ramen cups, clothes both used and washed, random and weird items were scattered around your room, which reeked of unwashed clothes.

People, especially members of a certain idol group, had wondered why you had become slothful and inactive at school, since they remembered you as the outgoing type. One of them was exceptionally worried for your well-being.

Speaking of them, while you were busy typing away on your keyboard, she came bursting through your front door. "(Y/N)!?" She shouted, her voice echoing across the large apartment and into your darkened room. Fortunately, you heard her through your headphones, and you grunted in dismay as you realized you had to listen to one of another of the girl's long lectures.

This girl's name was Riko Sakurauchi, your girlfriend. Being your girlfriend, you thought she would support you in your decision, but unsurprisingly she didn't approve of your laziness.

She burst into your room, and you jumped in fright, and thus ending the game you were busy playing swiftly with a 'game over'. You sighed in frustration as you spun around your chair to meet with your girlfriend. "Oh hello, Riko-chan"

"(Y/N)...why weren't you at school...again?" She asked you, irritation clear in her voice.

"Found a new game called 'The Wolf who stalks the street'. It's interesting so I played it" You said as you looked at you computer screen again and clicked on the restart button. "It's almost like Undertale but not pixilated"

Riko sighed. "Did you at least took a break, ate, drank?"

You nodded as you grabbed an opened ramen cup and slurped some of its content. "I'm eating right now"

"Well, did you at least drink?" You didn't answer, you had to concentrate on your game, less the character you've chosen would die- again.

Riko rolled her eyes at your erratic behavior. Then from the corner of her eyes, she spots a plastic bottle, fully contained with water. She smiles ear-to-ear as a very amusing thought came to her mind. She grabbed the bottle and pours a quarter of the contents into her mouth, careful to not swallow any of the liquids.

"Damn, Fenix why you gotta have the highest attack, then low speed in this game?" You muttered angrily as your chosen character died perished once again. "I'm gonna pick either Scarlett or Eclipse this time"

Riko tapped you on the shoulder as you were about to pick another character. You turned around begrudgingly, mumbling something about the game, when suddenly, Riko crashed her lips again your's. The water pours into your mouth, the amount made you struggle to swallow it all up.

You managed to swallow all the liquids, but Riko wasn't finished with you yet. Her hand suddenly grasps onto one of your breasts, making you moan. She took this as an opportunity to slide her tongue in your mouth. She gently pushed you onto your bed as your tongues fought for dominance, a fight which you sequentially lost.

Riko pulled away, a soft shade of pink coating her features. Realising what she was doing, she immediately release her grip on your breast in a very flustered manner. "S-Sorry!" She quickly apologised.

As Riko was about to her herself off you, you grabbed her by the collar of her blouse and pulled her down.

"...I didn't say to stop" You whispered, the blush on Riko's face growing darker.

Looks like your game had to wait.



"Hey, have you guys seen Riko?" Chika asked, noticing the missing piece in their group of nine.

"Riri went to check up on (Y/N), my little demon is quite caring hm?" Yoshiko answered.

Everyone stopped in their tracks. No one spoke nor moved an inch, until-

"They're probably fucking each other-"

"Mari, shut the hell up-"


Okk guys on the topic of 'Y'know what', should I start writing lemons *insert Lenny face*

If yes, the next chapter will be a lemon

If no, idk wats gonna happen next.

Next up: Mari x Futa! Fem! Reader

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