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Love Live x Reader (Request Closed) Re-writing in process by SalomeRsK21
Love Live x Reader (Request Kate Charl****
The title says it all, buddy. look at the title
  • kotori
  • dia
  • kanan
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【Awake】// Love Live x Reader oneshots by yokazex
【Awake】// Love Live x Reader I put the d in die
"it felt like a dream" "but i was awake" A book in which a poor trash can shall do her very best to bring ya'll some Yuri oneshots. Requests are OPE...
  • nozomi
  • yuri
  • oneshots
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Love Live! New Mixed Gender Project! by Mesagi
Love Live! New Mixed Gender Mesagi
Otonokizaka Girl's High School is in a crisis. The same crisis that μ's had saved a year ago. Even with the school being a co-ed wasn't working. Out of desperation, the...
  • mishiga
  • idol
  • ocs
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Introvert (Love Live [plus Sunshine!] x Male reader) by Anaverageguy321
Introvert (Love Live [plus I realized I am not an averag...
Y/N L/N is part of the Ace Squadron, a fearsome enforcer group of the Exultants. He excels in the fields regarding: subterfuge, sabotage, and assassination. But now the...
  • rin
  • ốc
  • nozomi
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Upon the Stage (Nozoeli AU fanfic).  by NoodlePhoenix
Upon the Stage (Nozoeli AU fanfic) Phoenix
Ayase Eli an amazing actress, who beauty shines like the sun. Tojo Nozomi a girl who likes to watch from the sideline. She admires Eli, but when she discovered Eli in a...
  • arise
  • nozomi
  • maki
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Instagram Love Live! by La_Akko
Instagram Love Live!by Un1v1
Como conocemos los lectores hay muchos de WhatsApp //Pues ahora hay uno de Instagram xD
  • makinishikino
  • nozomitojo
  • kananmatsuura
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Emotional Blindness by Miki_jr1
Emotional Blindnessby Miki jr
What would happen if Muse and Aquors lived in the same time? Even worst, for both of them to fail their objectives? Fortunately, there was someone to save them, but that...
  • xfemalereader
  • aquors
  • muse
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Love Live x fem!reader one shots!! by saeranslittletoy
Love Live x fem!reader one shots!!by stupit
  • lovelife
  • lovelivesunshine
  • muse
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Compatibles asta el Fin by La_Akko
Compatibles asta el Finby Un1v1
Otonokizaka una escuela solo para chicas ,pero ahora aceptan a chicos? Maki,Rin,Umi,Honoka y Eli son unos pervertidos que buscan saciar su lujuria con mujeres ,se enamor...
  • kotoumi
  • amor
  • genderbend
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Love Live School Idol Festival Diary!! by Katelyn_Does_Covers
Love Live School Idol Festival Vine Queen
Just a diary for all my Love Live School Idol Festival stuff!
  • diaries
  • loveliveschoolidolfestival
  • life
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BOOK OF MY LIFE (Finished Book) by Katelyn_Does_Covers
BOOK OF MY LIFE (Finished Book)by Vine Queen
My life, read if you want, random updates that won't fit onto a message on my message board Completed as of Tuesday, 17th of January, 2017
  • anime
  • done
  • lonely
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When I Met You (Completed) by setsubun
When I Met You (Completed)by Ash🍈
You Wantabe has a seizures every day and forgets everything, but the one thing she can't forget, is a girl named Yohane.
  • youhane
  • love
  • thirdwheel
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The wolf that stalks the streets// Love Live AU by yokazex
The wolf that stalks the I put the d in die
「whatever lurks in the darkness should stay in the darkness. but then this story would be boring, wouldn't it?」 ____ A meteor- dubbed 'Alpha' by many- has crash-landed o...
  • hanayo
  • nozomi
  • kotori
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love live! one-shot by natalya-d
love live! one-shotby natalya-d
aqui pondre historias de parejas Como: nozoeli_nicomaki_rinpana_honokoto_honoumi_kananmari_chikariko_maridia_elidia y las que ustedes pidan <disfruten>
  • yuri
  • nozoeli
  • aquors
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Love Live: Los Guardianes by Sanji550HD
Love Live: Los Guardianesby Sanji550HD
Por accidente muero y un dios me da la misión de proteger a Kanan Matsuura ya que posee una Joya que muchos demonios quieren poseer,junto a el esta otro chico con la mis...
  • riko
  • demonios
  • idols
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Drawings And Crafts  by ENCMK26
Drawings And Crafts by ENCMK26
Says the title itself
  • lovelive
  • calligraphy
  • aquors
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Love Live Daycare by Frisky_Fries
Love Live Daycareby Frisky
Ever wanted to take care a cute little kid version of your best girl in Love Live? Well, now you can! Here in Love Live Daycare, you can take care of M's and Aquors! Now...
  • babies
  • children
  • kid
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Love Live: School Idol Project Roleplay by Frisky_Fries
Love Live: School Idol Project Frisky
another random roleplay..
  • anime
  • aquors
  • schoolidol
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