Let's be friends!// Yoshiko x Tall! Mature! Fem! Reader

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// Let's be friends!  x Tall!Mature!Fem!Reader

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// Let's be friends!
x Tall!Mature!Fem!Reader


Those three were one of the most active, childish people you've ever set your eyes on; carefree, naive, all those words that could describe childhood innocence, fitted into bodies of teenagers. You've always wanted to join them, as they looked like they were actually having fun.

However, you in the contrary was the opposite of them. You were a very refined and serious young lady, incredibly intelligent as well, with an intellect that could rival the geniuses of modern society; in short, you were a prodigy. With that, people often mistook you for an adult. Your height didn't help as well. You were the tallest person in class, if not, then maybe the tallest out of all the first years. Many have told you that your intelligence and height were things you should be proud of, something to cherish upon. However, because of your perfect demeanor and your adult-like aura, people deemed you to be unapproachable due to thinking they were not good enough for you and most occasionally, due to envy. Because of this, making friends had become quite a huge hassle for you.

And you hated it.

You hated being being out of conversations with your classmates.

You hated being envied by potential friends.

And you certainly hated being alone.

What a miserable life you lived.

Anyways, currently, you dragged yourself wearily across the crowded halls of Uranohoshi with no destination in mind. Everyone you past cleared themselves out of your way as they saw you, which made you even more depressed as you already knew the reason why.

With a sigh, you heaved yourself outside to escape the staring crowd . You eyes landed on a nearby patch of grass that had a great cherry blossom providing it shade. You decided that it was a good place to nap at.

"Yoshiko-chan, have you finished your homework, zura?" As you were about to lay on the grass, you heard a very familiar voice from behind the tree.

"How many times do I have to say it!? It's Yohane!" You giggled as you immediately recognised that voice. "And...uh...no"

"Don't worry Yoshiko-chan, There could be people who've also didn't finish!"

That triggered Yoshiko again. She then erupted into a long speech about her persona; Yohane, and about how she was a fallen angel cursed by God. You listened intently, chuckling at the bits that seemed more enthusiastic.

Yoshiko was part of the trio that had piqued your interest and had wanted to join, before giving up after numerous attempts and deciding to just watch them doing their activities from afar. Which is kinda creepy but hey, this is a fanfiction.

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