Nobody// You x Depressed! Fem! Reader

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her warm, gentle hand squeezed your own cold ones, careful and tender as if you were a porcelain doll that was ready to shatter under her touch. 

p i e c e s  o f  y o u r s e l f

f a l l i n g 

d o w n 

t o  t h e  a b y s s

w h e r e  t h e  f a c e l e s s  o n e s  c r a w l

hand, shaking with anticipation, gripping the razor- slick with crimson blood-  nearing your wrist, ready to trace another deep line into it, craving to spill the blood. it fell to the bathroom tiles with a clank, a noise that echoed throughout the small, bloodied room.

f a l l i n g

a n d  f a l l i n g

t e n d r i l s  g r a b b i n g  y o u

d r a g g i n g  y o u  d e e p e r  a n d  d e e p e r

pills; everywhere. scattered. scattered across the frigid white tiles. and in the corner; a revolver, a glint of hunger on its stained barrel. chamber- thankfully- already been emptied.

t h e  d a r k

 i t  o p e n s  i t s  m o u t h

r e a d y  t o  s w a l l o w  y o u

a l l

you's ocean-blue eyes gazed down, worry and tears in her eyes. the figure in her embrace, shuddering violently, tugging harsly on her dark-blue shirt, bawling and sputtering incoherent words. "i- i'm...i c-can't..take i-it...anymore...". you holds the figure tighter, as if she were to let go of her- 

t h e y

       w o u l d  

                        b e

                             t a k e n

                        b y 

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