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Emery, Emery, Emery

I wake up to the sound of my name being called. I look around my room but it's still dark signaling it isn't yet time to get up.

I close my eyes and try to fall back asleep but again my name is called in hushed whispers.

Emery Emery Emery

My eyes shoot open and I look around the room once again. In the corner of my eye I see slow movement and I quickly face it.

It suddenly disappears and I cover my head with the blanket in fear. My breaths get heavier and heavier and I try to easily steady them. Once I calm down, I slowly remove the blanket so only my eyes peek out.

Nothing appears and I calm down a bit.

It was probably just a shadow from outside. Nothing to worry about. Maybe just moon light shining through the windows. Yeah, that's it.

I close my eyes to get rest again but much sleep doesn't come.

I keep waking up at different times in the night because I hear my name but I simply brush it off as my imagination. The imagination is a crazy thing, right?


Light seeps in through the window, making the room appear in a dim glow. I lazily rub my eyes and yawn a deep yawn followed by stretching my arms. Again, I lazily sit up in the bed and slowly smack my lips and scratch my cheek. It's a daily routine sort of thing.

Rub eyes, yawn like a middle aged man, stretch limbs, sit up, smack lips and taste disgusting morning breath, and scratch. Yup. Every morning.

My eyes slowly scan the room to look for some sort of sign that something was in here but only one thing looks out of place.

For some reason the room looks older. The ceiling has cracks in it and the hardwood floor looks old and dusty. Mostly everything looks dusty but the furniture also looks old. Everything looks like it aged five years and it also looks a lot dimmer instead of how it did yesterday.

My eyes widen and I scramble to my feet. Things can't just suddenly change like that. Is this some kind of joke that the others are doing? Either way, I'm pretty sure things can't look beautiful and lively and have barely have anything done to it and then the next day for it too look much different.

I slip on the shoes as quick as I can and exit the room to find anyone else. I pick up speed in the hallway but the sight of the hallway makes me stop in my tracks.

It also looks older. Furniture, walls, ceiling, you name it. I walk down the halls at a calmer pace and I turn the corner.

Suddenly, I bump into something. Hard. I wince and rub my shoulder and hear a grunt, then I look up to meet the culprit.

" Hey, watch where your going" Someone huffs. I meet Jake's glare and I look up at him in astonishment.

"Me? How was I supposed to know you were going to be there?" I say in the same tone as him.

"Ugh, just shut up," He groans. I open my mouth to shout  something back but he speaks before I can. "Do you know what happened to the walls and all this shit? It looks so fucking old."

"Wha-," I stop and huff. He looks at me with the 'tell me' look and I roll my eyes. "I don't know, I was about to ask someone that before you bumped into me. " I counter.

" I didn't bu-"

"Hey, um do you know why everything is so, different?" Harry jogs up to us just in time before Jake could say anything. This is beginning to get confusing because if it's not a prank, what is it?

"No, I was about to ask someone that. Do you know what it might be?" I ask. Maybe he has some sort of clue on it.

"No. I just saw Samuel heading to the kitchen and he doesn't know what it is either." He informs us. It's barely morning and we are already having problems. I'm pretty sure that our furniture wasn't switched because to change every piece of furniture overnight would be impossible. Tampered with maybe, but besides that I'm not too sure. 

"You guys are useless," Jake waves us off and walks in the opposite direction. I face Harry again and he has an annoyed expression facing the area Jake just left in.

I raise my eyebrows at him in curiousity and he shakes his head. "He's always so pissed off and it gets really annoying. He always has this scowl and talks like he has a grudge. And that's that I've known him for one day." He chuckles to himself. "I'm great at figuring people out like that. It's how I won all my competitions and got a lot of things that I have. I'm pretty rich, I bet I have more than him. Hmmph," He scoffs and holds a smug grin. "Have you ever won anything?"

"Ummm," I shift awkwardly. I hate when people ask me this because to be honest I haven't won much besides a few photography competitions. And now he's talking about winning competitions and being rich. This is why I don't hang around with people like him. Daisy at least doesn't brag. Well, in a way she does with all the things she buys but she doesn't say it. I miss her, but I wish she would have just been happier for me. C'mon, a million dollars? Does she not see how happy I would be with that money? "A few, uh, photography stuff," I mutter.

"Hmmm, well I've won a lot. I should tell you about it sometime," He wears the same smug grin and it is beginning to get on my nerves. He is taunting me and it is working.

"Ya. Sure, well I'm gonna go now," I say.

"Okay," He simply says and gives a small wave. I wave back and turn a couple of hallways so that I end up at the grand staircase.

[Happy Easter!]

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