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I let go of Harry momentarily and the hush whispers still flow around me. He gets up as well and we both dust ourselves off. The shivers of being scared still surround me but I try to gain as much bravery as I can.

"You're lucky your hat didn't fall off," I noted, the brown hat still miraculousy placed on his head tilted to the side like a wilted flower.

"It's called a fedora," He corrected. I scoffed and turned around. I began hitting the giant wall of cement but as expected, nothing happened.

"Now you're gonna break a foot. Here, let a man handle this correctly."

"Hey! Don't be sexist," I smack his arm and he scoffs again. He then steps in front of me facing the wall. With the view of his back I can hear him crack his knuckles and take a large intake of air.

"Okay...," He says quietly and steps back a few feet. The voices get a little louder the more we talk but I

try my best to ignore them and focus in on Harry's words.

"Hayah!" He grunts and starts doing kung fu shit on the wall. He kicks at it and punches it causing his knuckles to turn a bright shade of red. Nevertheless, his crazy outburst causes me to giggle and who am I to let him be stupid on his own? I start karate chopping the wall with him and grunts fill the air. Obviously we aren't going to get anywhere and the cement appears to be inches thick so we are probably looking like absolute fools right now.

When I kick my foot up I accidently slip on a pebble and fall. My backpack cushions a bit of the fall but ny ead gets it either way. Before Harry can even face my way I laugh it off even though the pain in my head increases. He quickly asks me if I'm okay and I answer him with yes.

A minute of this goes on until the voices get to loud for me to even hear my own breath and I stop at the same time as Harry. We both gasp for air and Harry places his hands on his knees to better steady himself.

"Damn, that was pretty good," He says seriously before looking at me and bursting into laughter. My voice is already tired from not enough oxygen so my laughs sound like I'm gasping for air with an idiotic yet happy look plastered on my face. I feel a small weight lift from my shoulders and I keep the bravery in.  Amazing considering our current situation.

We settle down and I lean against the wall for some support.

"Okay back to business, so how the hell are we getting out of here and what if there's no way... out?" I ask the question that's been itching at the back of my mind since I woke up in this prison. There are no doors no windows no nothing and it is beginning to get a little cramped in this small area.

"Yeah um... so a plan. We got in here and we need to find a way out," He mutters to himself. He takes his fedora off and with his other hand ruffles his hair then places the fedora back on. He paces around and I just stay leaning against the cool cement. The voices have yet to cease as they have been going on nonstop this whole time and small snippets of what they say reach my ears but I purposely forget them as fast as I can hear them.

"Maybe the walls have a secret door or something. How else could we have gotten in?" I help out. He looks up at me and his eyes gleam.

"Yes yeah... that's right! Almost like how the rock you fell on opened the grave," I shudder at the memory but nod along."If you see a rock or anything move it to see if anything happens." I obey and look for anything that can possibly help. I shove my backpack to the floor since my shoulders are beginning to get tense and I scurry up and down the room to find something.

After a few minutes all I end up turning over is small pebbles and one normal rock. Harry gets the same outcome and huffs profanities from his soft lips.

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