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"Yes!" I cheer. We finally got this fucking thing to open so now we can escape. The walls are all made of rock- everything seems to be made of rock here. On the outside of the cell the floor is dry dirt and since there is little to no light everything is harder to see.

Harry lets out a huge sigh of relief and we slowly walk out of the cell; looking each and every way to make sure there is nothing that can hurt us. Harry steps in front of me to protect me but after what happened I feel like it should be me protecting him. Well, sort of.

Our footsteps barely make a noise as we take caution to our surroundings. Same old gray rock wall and same old dirt floor. I admit, not too much fun to look at.

"I think we can speed up a little," He whispers and puts a finger to his lips to show me to also whisper.


I take giant yet soft leaps on the ground but considering how tall Harry is he takes bigger and faster leaps. After a few more minutes of walking we appear at two split up tunnels.

"Great." I say. I hear him muttering curse words under his breath.

"All I ask for is a break. That's all I ask for," He groans. His fingers go through his hair messing it up a bit and he paces around the little area. He drops his head in his hands before quickly looking back up and staring at the tunnels. 

He looks at the them as if glaring will make them tell him and I just stay quiet on the side. From personal experience I have figured out some ways to handle when people get really stressed. Whenever my mom got stressed-it could be something as simple as finding a parking space - she would explode if I made any sort of noise.

"Mom I think ther-"

"Shutup! Do not talk to me when I'm driving. Don't you see I'm trying to concentrate?!"

"I'm sorry I-"

"Fucking inconsiderate"


And that shut me right up. I absolutey despised when she called me inconsiderate. She was such a hypocrite to call me that. All she ever did was act like I wasn't even there or just ignore me all the time. The only things she would do was make me food and buy me some things I needed. She never really talked to me or sang to me like I wish she had. She never... cared for me. I don't even think she loved me.

The same went with my dad. Say any little thing and he would also blow up so I already knew and was used to handling those situations. With Harry I'm not sure if he gets mad as easily as them so by instinct I stay quiet.

"Right," He finally answers in a tone that makes him seem so positive. I look over at his long figure and study his facial expressions.(Something I also used to do with my parents to see how mad they were or what was wrong with them) He still shows the same determined look and then he catches me staring.

"What?" His whole face lights up. I take a step towards him but just shake my head.

"Nothing. So why the right tunnel?" I ask curiously.

He clasps his hands together. "It may sound kind of crazy but it's just that everything seems to be... right. I don't know if you get it but an example is how our rooms are on the right of the staircase and I think the hallway to the door we are trying to unlock is on the right. I mean, like the wall we had to move was on the right. Stupid I know but it's what I've got." He explains.

"Well... I start off. I'm not too sure if what he says actually makes any sense. In a way it does but it sounds more like a coincidence to me. "Maybe it's just a coincidence but I guess we can try it."

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