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"You know what I always think about?" Harry says mindlessly.


"Well, you know how they say the big bang created the universe and it was because some big star or somethig exploded?"


"Then if the explosion created the universe what created the explosion? Then the stuff that made that star what is that? And the stuff that is made up of the star is made of something and then that is made of something and so on. So what I don't get is what was the first thing ever made and shouldn't that also be made of something?"

"Woah. I know right it's all so weird but I guess it also depends on religion and perspective and all that jazz."

"Hmm. But sometimes I get angry that I just don't know, you know? Am I crazy or is this normal?" He asks and inhales deeply.

"Eh. I don't know you are pretty weird," I tease. We both lay in bed with our backs against the wall. Harry sits on the right while I am on the left of him playing with his fingers. I twiddle his several rings around and bend his fingers softly.

"Hey!" He fake whines. I let out a small laugh and bump into his shoulder.

"Just kidding. No but it's pretty normal. Sometimes I have those nights where I just think 'how was the universe created?'  'why are whales so big and goldfish so small?' ' how do we even get electricity?'.  I think about some pretty weird stuff sometimes," I laugh lightly and Harry joins in. Instead of me holding his hand this time he holds mine and starts playing with it.

"How did we even start talking about this?" He chuckles.

"No clue," I honestly have no idea. Once he said he would stay the night we just decided to talk. I still thank god for having someone to talk with throughout all that has happened. I can't imagine what I would spend my time doing if I was alone. Possibly sulking at my shitty life and watching television with junk food right by my side and no one can forget my noodles. I'd definitely be eating some of those but yet again it isn't exactly healthy.

What the fuck am I talking about? I'd eat it no matter what.

Anyways, we just talked about ourselves. Not the typical and boring what's you favorite color or what's your favorite movie? No, we actually talked. I wanted to hear about his views on things, what he thought about the world, hear his stories, best day ever, childhood memories, crazy days, first day of school, opinion on macaroons, trips,dreams, what his future holds, saddest day ever, opinion on the sun and moon, and I just wanted to get to know him. So fuck what is your favorite color and tell me about day dreaming. I guess you could say that's how we started talking about the universe.

"Hey, um, so the video we took in the cell. Should we watch it or save it for another time?" I ask uneasily. I'm not even to sure myself if I have the guts to watch it but it's going to have to happen sooner or later.

He slowly sits himself better upright and rubs his hands together.

He faces me. "I'm ready if you're ready." I sigh and think it over once again. Playing with the hem of my shirt keeps me occupied along with my thinking and I just decide to watch it.

"Ready as I'll ever be."


Fifteen minutes later we have Harry's laptop set up on his lap connected to my camera. He taps away and clicks at some buttons while I look over his shoulders.

It's okay. It's fine. We are just going to look at a recording that's all. I'm okay.

"There,"He flicks his tongue out and presses a button which starts the video.

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