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I open my door quickly and slowly exit with my back facing the wall. I look towards both sides and start walking quietly forward. I make sure to tiptoe and dart my eyes everywhere to make sure I don't bump into anyone.

I peek over the edge of the hallway to see if someone is coming and when the coast is clear I proceed. After a bit of walking I finally arrive at the top of the staircase and with the high view I look over the railing to see if anyone is below. No one comes into view and I take two steps at a time down the stairs in the fastest and quietest way I can. A slight creak rumbles under my toes when I step on a wearing out step and I cringe for a moment. I screw my eyes shut and wait to see if someone heard but when no one comes I go back down. 

I look over to the living room and see that Jake and Camille are both watching some stupid reality show on the tv. I'm surprised that Jake can even stand those. I certainly can't. It's all fake drama made purposely to get more viewers.

A sigh of relief soothingly leaves my lips when I realize that two of the three people I'm trying to avoid are away from the kitchen. It has been a while since I've gotten my own food from the kitchen and I'm tired of always being locked up like a mental patient in my room. Harry's been getting my food for me and every time I tell him that he shouldn't do it since I'm perfectly capable of doing it on my own, he insists.

He says that I can't show myself to them because they might try to either yell my ear off and hurt me or cower away. Jake probably would have attacked me if Harry hadn't been there to help me stop him when he saw Riley. He almost charged on me and I don't want to go through that again.

Camille was the one yelling at me and calling me disgusting things while crying her eyes out. Jenny mostly cowered away but didn't seen too upset. I mean, she did have watery eyes but her reaction wasn't as bad as Jake and Camille.

Jake and Camille.

Harry, me, Jenny, Camille, and Jake are the only ones left here. The other two were taken against their own will and ripped apart from their lives. It wasn't them who chose to leave and take the canoes back, but the black figure who did it for them.

I stop looking at them and turn around to head for the kitchen. I'm still in alert for Jenny but for the most part I try to keep myself in check. I see the door to enter the kitchen and I literally sprint off towards it. This much deprivation from food or the kitchen isn't doing me any good at all.

Once I run through the door, I stop in my tracks.

Jenny stops too and stares at me. Her eyes widen slightly, as do her lips. She holds onto the counter for balance and we stand there in silence.

"I, I-"She says and then darts to the door and leaves. I let out my breath I didn't realize I was holding and shut my eyes for a second to calm my hear beat.

Once it goes to normal speed I regain myself and open the cupboard. It's taller than me and filled with things such as cereal, random snacks, cookies, crackers, chips, and cup of noodles.

I lift my arms up to reach for as much as I can and set it up on the.counter. Next, I open the cabinets below the sink and take out a plastic bag. I stuff all my things in there and add some fruits. I take one more trip around the kitchen and fill a tall glass with a lot of water until it laps along the rim. When I get closer to the door to get out, I pass by one of the counters then take a quick step back when I notice an apple. Might as well take the healthies.

I walk a fast as I can, well at least as fast as I can when I'm carrying a plastic bag filled with food, glass of water, and an apple in my mouth.  I avoid anybody once again and this time I don't unintentionally bump into Jenny.

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