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Two days. It has been two days since the death of Samuel. Or Sam, as I like, exuse me, liked to call him.

I have gotten little to no sleep after that day. The same figure haunts my dreams every second I close me eyes. The same haunting black cloak, same floating figure, same dark masked face. I remember I couldn't even see its face. It just looked like a black shadow flooded its face and that's what scared me most.

I'm not sure if anybody believed what happened to Sam. They gave each other questioning looks and scoffed. The only one who didn't look at me as if I was stupid was Harry. I would have thought he would at least scoff along with the rest or look at me with distaste or at least something. But all he did was look off to the side not saying a word and eyebrows furrowed. He looked in deep thought and I don't know what to think of it. Does he believe me? No idea there.

Ever since then, they look kind of scared of me. Like they think that I did it and no one has made any effort to talk to me. It's truly exhausting having no one to talk to or have a decent conversation with.

I've tried calling Daisy but this stupid place has no reception. Like seriously? Are they trying to kill me here? Apparently I don't even know anymore. I'm beginning to get really paranoid and looking behind my back every few seconds. 

Right now I'm sitting down in the hallway outside my room. There is only two doors in this hallway and so far I haven't seen anyone leave or enter that door before. I haven't really left my room much so I guess that explains that.

It doesn't even matter though, it's not like whoever stays there will talk to me anyway. I am a 'murderer' according to them. And I don't need to even ask what they think of me because I've already heard them say that I'm a murderer and that I killed him just to win.

I would never do that but sometimes I do wish to give them a hug.

With a rope.

On their neck.

Cue the innocent smile.

Oh please, it's all just beginning to piss me off.

I take my phone and earphones out of my pocket and struggle to unwind my earphones. One question that will probably never be answered is how do earphones get so tangled just in a couple of seconds. I put them down for one second and then a second later BAM! Tangled.

Anyways, I plugged it into my phone and put the little nubs in. I scrolled over to my music and layed my head back on the wall and closed my eyes with the songs blaring through my ears.

I stayed in that position for a few minutes, tapping my fingers along to the music. I felt something poke my slightly on the shoulder and I swear I jumped ten feet in the air.

Next to me was none other than Harry Styles.

"What the hell, you scared me!" I shrieked. My breaths still heavy from the sudden panic.

He chuckled, his smile suddenly dropping. "Sorry."

I huffed and sat back down to my previous position and put only one earphone in, just in case he was going to talk to me. I mean, I haven't talked to anyone in a few days so it wouldn't be bad if he talked to me, even if he is pretty self absorbed.

A few seconds passed and he just stayed there not saying anything until he sat down next to me in the same position. We both stayed there for a a minute not saying a word.

"What are you listening to?" Until Harry breaks the silence.

"The Killers," I stated simply . Three words. Best band ever.

"Who's that?" He asked. 

"Only the best band ever," I said and shook my head jokingly. "Here," I picked up the earphone I wasn't using and handed it to him. He gingerly placed it in his ear and we stayed there like that for a bit.

Now normally I probably wouldn't do that but not speaking to someone for a couple of days drives you crazy. He seems to be the only one to even try to speak to me so far so I'm ready to enjoy this moment.

I looked at his face to see a reaction and a small smile appeared. He shook his head approvingly and I let out a small laugh.

"They're good, I know pretty much all the great songs but I've never heard of them. What song is it?" He turned to me and I had a clear view of his face. He is attractive, there is no denying that.

"It's called Mr. Brightside," I muttered. He nods his head and placed it back on the wall, still listening to the song.

"Harry?" I called.

"Ya?" He faced me once again.

"Why are you here, talking to me I mean. Everyone else is avoiding me," It was a question that I didn't understand. Why is he talking to me while everyone else is ignoring me or acting like I might kill them any second. He doesn't seem afraid of me and obviously isn't avoiding me. What exactly does he want?

A deep sigh left his lips and he quickly licked them. "I needed to ask you something. And tell you something."


"Can you, can you tell me what happened again? With Samuel." He placed his hands on his knees and took out the ear bud.

"Why? I already told everyone." I said.

"I know but I just wanted to hear it again." I took a deep breath and took a moment to collect my thoughts. Why does he even want to hear the story if I already said it? He's probably just here to make sure I'm the killer and to make fun of the story. I mentally sighed and began to say what happened once again.

Once I finished I glanced over at Harry and he had his eyebrows furrowed and in deep thought.

"So you saw a black figure?" He questioned. "And it was just wearing a black cloak, right?" He asked.

"Yes yes," I said a little irritated. I've already explained it and I don't like talking about it. "Why do you even want to know?"

"I-I think I saw it."

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