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Oh. My. God. Those three simple words are the only ones I can think of right now. This place is humungous. I don't mean humungous like a big two story house with a big back yard and front yard. No. I mean humungous. The mansion stands in the middle of the land and let me tell you. I've never seen a house as big as this before. It stretches almost the size of two basketball courts or maybe even bigger.  The mansion isn't the only thing that's humungous here. It looks like the land stretches for miles with rolling hills and trees scattered everywhere. Even though the mansion is big, it does look a bit creepy. It looks like it's made of stone from the outside and it gives that chilly feel. But it's so huge.

I want a house like this. One that's bigger than I can imagine and people would drool over. I just need the money and maybe I could get a mansion along with my photography job money. Then, maybe, I'd have enough. I'm not suprised of the jealous feeling already forming.

"My god," I say, still admiring the landscape. It's going to be amazing taking pictures here.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" Says the man next to me, I nod. I can't help but look over his thin figure. He's thin and has ghastly features. He looks dull if I must admit. Almost like he's not even alive. He's not a normal pale, he looks much more than usual. He looks in his middle twenties too. Not too old and not too young. Maybe I'm just overthinking it though.

"I want to live here. What does the person who owns this place even do? I want to be able to live in a place like this," I furrow my eyebrows. "I deserve it, not them. Why can't I have a place like this?" I say in a lower voice that I'm pretty sure he can't hear.

"Well I-I'm not sure what he does," He stutters. "Shall we go on?" He gestures towards the mansion, seeming like he wants to get off the topic quick.

"Ya," I say and begin walking. What is with him? "Wait wait," I stop. This is a perfect spot to take a picture. I remove it from my neck and hand my camera to him. "Do you mind?" He drops my luggage lightly and hesitates a bit before he grabs it.

"No it's fine," He forces a smile. I fake a smile too but nod and get in position. I stuff my fingers in my pockets and smile while the breeze lightly nips at my hair.


He hands me the camera and I gingerly take it and look at the picture. My hair is a bit swooped to the side and the mansion is visible behind me with the rolling hills. It's beautiful.

I smile and thank him and put it back around my neck. We pick up te luggage and begin up the dirt path.

The closer I get the more my emotions get mixed up. Actually it's more as if my feelings are just out there in the open, and they're scrambling everywhich way to try and find out which one is supposed to be felt. I think that's what happens. They're confused, and that makes you confused because you can't just physically pick one out of a selection of many. And so you are left being unsure with this mix of emotions.

Right now, I'm not sure if I'm frightened, excited, nervous, or plain happy or scared. It's a mix you might say. I'm feeling a mix.

Still a good distance away from the mansion things begin to get a bit awkward. I should start up a conversation but this guy just creeps me out. Come to think of it, I don't even know his name. I'll start with that then.

"Erm, so what's your name," I begin awkwardly. I pause a bit to keep up with him.

"Dylan Jacobs," He mumbles and says nothing else. It becomes awkard again so I decide to say something else.

"I'm Emery Collins," I muster up. Nice one Emery. Way to keep conversation. He just nods and keeps rolling my luggage and we stand on the steps of the breathtaking mansion. I huff, annoyed at his lack of talking.

"Were here. Just knock on the door," He assists and sets my things on the porch.

"Okay," I knock three times and wait for a few seconds until the doors (which are much taller than me) open. Revealing a frail looking man in a butler suit. He looks in his fifties or sixties with his hair turned a snowy white.

"Ah," He breathes out. "You must be Emery. Come come. Most of the others have already arrived," He motions for me to enter and I heave my heavy suitcase and items through the godly door.

Walking through reveals a grand staircase that appears almost instantly at the entrance. It looks like it winds up and seperates at the top into two seperate hallways on  opposite sides. It's an amazing sight to look at and so is the rest of this place. Everything looks grand yet grand as in the old style way with antique furniture. Everything looks dusty but I rub my finger across a side table and no sign of dust is evident. That is just creepy.

"Follow me this way Miss Collins. We will first lead you to your room to set your things down and get ready. Then we will all meet together at the dinner table," He begins.

"Okay. May I ask for your name?" I ask politely just because he seems like the type of person to talk to in that way. He stops leading the way in the middle of the stairs and I come to a halt. He slowly turns and faces me.

"My name is Fredrick, Miss Collins. No need to know my last name since you won't even use it. All it is, is Fredrick," He simply smiles and continues up.

That was kind of weird. All it is, is Fredrick, well damn what if I wanted to know your last name? And he knows my name too. Both first and last which I have no idea why but I'm guessing it's because he is probably a butler or something and has to remember the names of contestants.

Speaking of contestants, I haven't seen anyone in here besides Fredrick and Dylan. I thought he said mostly everyone has already arrived. They're probably in their rooms also setting up.

We wind up the grand staircase and take a right. We end all the way to the last door and open the large door. All the floor is wood and it is painted subtle browns and reds. It looks like a renaissance home.

"We will leave you to make yourself comfortable. You will be called for dinner. " He says with a small smile. That small smile keeps appearing on his face but it seems sinister. Not those genuine 'Have a good day smiles' but those 'I know something you don't' smiles.

"Ya ya, that's fine," I say and he leaves but Dylan takes a  moment to put my things down.

"Wait Dylan, so I can put my things in all the drawers and everything?" I ask just trying to make sure.

"Yes," He curtly says and leaves. What crawled up his ass today?

I plop on my bed and let out a long sigh. So far I'm not seeing the whole haunted house thing. Everything just looks cozy and fancy.

This is going  to be easier than I thought.

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