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I lay on my bed staring at the ceiling in front of me with walls that appear a muddy color. The tasteless color adds to my already horrible mood making my head feel like it will explode any minute. I don't move at all and I stay completely still, almost like I'm paralyzed from chest to toe. I wouldn't be too shocked if I was. My body seems numb, all except my head.

My head. My brain. My mind. Whichever you choose, either way it's swirling with thoughts that won't cease. I cant' stop thinking about what happened and each time I think harder I fall into a bottomless pit of fear and questions. I hate this and I want it all to leave but in order to do that I have to escape this fucking island. This place that messes with my mind and is slowly driving me into insanity.

I want to leave with every ounce I have but I can't. I'm so fucking stupid but I just can't help it. I feel as if every time I think of leaving something pulls me back and convinces me to stay. My drive is my easy jealousy and envy of the world that always convinces me to stay because if I do then I'll win and I'll have a perfect life and everything good will come my way. I try to ignore all these thoughts but something is just pushing me to listen to them and give in. It's as if I have no choice.

A knock wakes me up from my previous state and I exhaustinlgy say a weak 'come in.' Harry pops his head through the door just enough for me to see his face ."Hey," He says.

"Hi. Come in," He opens the door all the way and that's when I see what he is holding. In his arms is a silver laptop and a short cable that wraps around the span of his arm.

"I brought my laptop to watch the video on it, and a cable," Harry walks over with his lanky yet built body. He sets the laptop and cable on the nightstand and waits patiently for me to say something. All I do is breathe in a  fresh breath of air and close my eyes. I cover my eyes with the length of my arm to both keep the sun away and for Harry to not see me in my attempt of peace.

"Or this can wait for another time..?" He says unsurely after about ten seconds. He begins to pick up his things but before he can take it all, I speak up quickly.

"No no. It's fine, I'm fine. Just a bit... tired is all," I sit up and motion for him to sit next to me by softly patting the spot. "We can watch it."

"Okay then. Imma need your camera," He tells me and looks at me expectantly.

"Oh, yeah," I reach over the side of my bed on my nightstand and pick it up. I then put it in my lap and wait for him to tell me what to do next. He pushes the button to turn the laptop on and while it does that he picks up my camera and inserts the cord into the tiny slot. I watch how his long fingers effortlessly twine together and how they look rough yet in past times he's touched me they were smooth and light.

"This transfors the data," He adds, noticing my curious gaze. I nod in response and he clicks a few things here and there while I just watch. After a moment or  two I feel my eyes getting heavy but I try hard not to let them close. After all, there can be very important information in this video if we played our cards right.

"Okay.." He speaks more to himself than to me. He presses his lips together concentrating and rolls his tongue over both. "Got it. Ready?" He turns to face me with a look of determination plastered onto his face. Hopefully he wants to know the answers as much as I  do, I don't want to be the only one carrying this burden.

"Ready as I'll ever be." I huff out and he scoots the laptop a little closer so I can see better. His finger hovers over the button but delays on actually pressing it.

"Remember to look for clues no matter how small. Just anything you can find really," He faces me once again and bites at the corner of his lip.

"Yes. I know" He faces back to the screen and with the simple push of a button the video begins playing.

"What the hell," Harry mutters in the video when it first begins. The camera shows the room when we entered including the hideous walls and the pictures covering those hideous walls. "Are you still recording this?" Harry asks in the video.

"Yeah, what is all this?" I answered back. I block out the rest of our conversation and focus on the tiniest of details, trying to depict any sort of meaning from them. The video shifts a little due to it hanging around my neck when I  was recording but it still gets the overall image. It shows me walking over to Harry and him looking at the picture of Sam. I strain my eyes to look for something but I can't seem to find anything. I look over to Harry and I see him doing the same. His plaque says his name Samuel Nielson and the dates which are normal so I don't focus to hard on that. It shows more walking around and scanning the area and also Harry looking over things many times. The video gets to the part when I hit my head against the wall and like before I can hear the hollow noise.

Next to me, Harry shoves his face closer to the speakers to hear it more easily and then when we stopped knocking he nods his head and puts it back to normal. "Definatly hollow," He speaks to himself. After a few more minutes of us talking to each other and me blushing mildly when Harry started talking about muscles, we come to the part almost before I headed out to that fucking hallway.

Harry suddenly takes a sharp intake of breath and points to the screen. " There, there. The wallpaper is peeling and you can see right here-" He points to the edge of the wall on the right with the wallpaper slowly molding away with time. "- that there is some wood right there. We can tear it off and open it to see what's inside and th-" A gasp leaves his lips and I look to where he is looking. In the corner of the room, close to the area where we are near the same wall, is a figure.

He quickly pauses the video and we make out a slightly fading figure. The same figure that haunts this very place and brutally killed two of the people who thought they were supposed to be in some sort of childish contest. Hell they were wrong.

"It's the black figure," Harry says. "And it was watching us," He says with a slow deep voice and a hint of disbelief. Water brims my eyes and I can feel the knot forming in my throat.

"I know," I choke out with a slight crack at the end.

"We can watch this some other time," He says, suddenly aware of the state I'm in. "Right now let's just try to relax." He speaks calmly.

Relax. How can he tell me to relax when I feel like the world is crashing around me. How can he tell me to relax when people in this very place think I'm a murderer and killed two people. Their reactions when they saw Riley on the floor like that was horrible. They looked absolutely mortified and absolutely shocked and when they turned to me- when they turned to me, the way they looked at me was enough to tear me to shreads. With disgust and fear and absolute horror, it was one of the worst ways someone could ever look at you. And I got that look. I ran straight to my room crying and trembling with Harry behind me. It has been two days and I haven't been able to set foot outside my room. Harry tells me what they say and how they look at him. It makes me never want to see them or the outside world again. Everything is falling apart right now so how the hell can he tell me to relax. He can't tell me that because I can't relax and I'm messed up and I can't relax and I just can't.

That's when I fall into tears and cry my eyes out. I'm pathetic and I always will be. I'm a fucking pathetic person because I can't leave this fucking place because of myself and my pathetic reasons. Harry wraps his arms around me in a warm embrace and I stay there and cry like the patheticn girl I am. I've cried to much already.

"It's okay. We'll talk about it some other time." He whispers.

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