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I feel cold right now. So freaking cold and scared and speechless to say the least. I never should have come here nor stepped foot in this mansion but there's no going back now. It's too late for that and I'm too invested into it already. The air around us has seemed to freeze and the loud thumping of my heart makes me fear it will burst. I take deep breaths and try to calm down to no avail.

I look at Harry in front of me, looking down at the phone held firmly against his grip. He reads it over many times and I can see the fear and confusion mixed in his eyes when he does.

Then he looks up at me. "What do you think it means?" He asks while still holding the note. His hands shake slightly and I can feel the palm of my hands getting sweatier with the passing seconds.

"I-I don't know," My words stutter from my lips and I  stand on the ground and move in front of him. My nails rake at my thighs in nerves and Harry looks at me for a second before lifting his hand slightly.

"Don't do that. Don't hurt yourself Emery," He speaks in a calming voice that makes me forget for a moment what problems are occuring. He takes a hold of my hands and removes then from my sides. He holds them gently in his own and looks me straight in the eye.

"We'll figure it out, okay? We have your phone now and we'll try to find out what it means. Since we have it already I gues I can tell you what I wanted to say. Do you still want to hear it?" I nod my head and a croaky agreement flees my lips.


"Okay," He leads me to the side of the bed and we take a seat. One of his hands still has a hold of mine and at the moment it's all I can focus on. The warm feeling radiates off him and catches attention in this room surrounded by nothing but cold.

"Well, you know the day that we first watched the video?" I nod. "Okay so when I got to my room I looked at it again and I saw something. On the corner there was this area of the wallpaper that was dented a bit. Like, here is one part of the wall," He removed his hand from mine and motioned with them to demonstrate it."And here is the other part of the same wall. On that wall close to the right side I noticed that it had a crevice almost as thick as my fingers I think."

"I think that maybe we can do something with that. It's not much but it's enough."

I absorb the information for a moment and think it over.

"Like the wall was parted?Like from the top all the way to the bottom?" I ask.

"Yeah, like a line going through it and you can possibly glide your fingers down it." He explains to me. I try to imagine it and sort of get the image in my head.

"I think I get it now. But what do we do with it and what about the message?" He stares at me for a second until he breaks it off and looks to the down at his fumbling fingers. His head then glances back to me.

"Emery I know this is hard but I think that we have to go back. It's the only way to see it and if it's useful-this information- we can figure at least one part of this mystery out and be one step closer to everything. We can talk about the message later." His hopeful eyes search mine and I look down at my thighs. I think it over in my head and try to make sense of it.

If we go there and if what Harry said about the wall is right it can possibly lead onto something big. I came here hoping for riches and ended up with a mystery. I may be scared-so fucking scared and paranoid and afraid-but it's something I have to do. I have to overcome my fears in order to survive here. What happened to that girl who didn't believe in ghosts or paranormal shit? I need to get that part of me back. The part of me who didn't fear much and strived for the unknown.

"Okay, let's do it."


"Ready?" He asks me. We stand in front of the door. I shut my eyes for a second then open them in motivation. I can do this. I will do this.

"As ready as I'll ever be," I sigh and get ready to enter.

"I'll go in first to make sure it's okay," He says and I mutter a 'k' in response. He slowly twists the knob and takes a peek inside once he has the door slightly open. He seems to think it's fine as he steps further into the room. I follow suit and my eyes dart everywhere in alert. The portrairs still somewhat familiar. You never know what will be coming next.

"Here it is,"He whispers and makes his way over to the right side of the room near the area he said had a splitting. "Here."

He points to the split and I see it is how he explained it. Almost like the space between floor tiles.

"So what do we do with it now?" I whisper back.

He looks conflicted for a moment until an idea seems to pop up.

"The first time here we would knock on it and push against it so maybe the gap is there so that we can slide it. Let's try that first."

"Yeah, that's good."

He positions his fingers in the slot and pushes it to the left. He huffs with each push but it doesn't seem to work. "This fucking wall doesn't budge," He angry whispers.

"Why are we whispering?" I say back and stifle a giggle. He let's out a light hearted laugh and shakes his head.

"I don't know. Instinct? I guess? Now help me push this wall." He positions his fingers back in the area and I adjust myself so that I can push it too.

"On the count of three. One, two, three!" We struggle at first but as we get more strength I can feel the wall slightly tilt to the side.

"It's moving!" I say out of glee. I see Harry smile but still grunt as we continue to push the wall. Then all at once we fully push it to the side and see what we have in front of us.

"Another hallway? What the fuck why so many damn hallways?" I groan. All that work and struggle to be met with yet another hallway. In front of us is the hallway space but then a wall. You have to go left because on the right is the front of the room, in the front of us is the hallway side wall, and so left is the only way to go. No doubt it leads to other hallways.

I hear a sigh come from Harry and I look over at his reaction. His brows are furrowed and he chews on his lip thoughtfully. All of a sudden he grabs my hand and begins leading me into the hallway.

"Hey wait. What are we doing?" I ask him and he continues forward.

"This has to lead to something. You don't just close of a hallway and not have a good reason. Especially since it's connected to a creepy room with portraits of dead people."

"Besides," He then looks at me. "My information got us here. If it wasn't for me we wouldn't have found it." A cocky smile plays on his lips.

"Of course," I roll my eyes and take a better look at my surroundings. It looks even worse than any of the other hallways I've seen in this mansion. Almost no light is visible and the walls are a dusty shade with everything seeming to be made of wood. Old spider webs crawl the walls and I have to swat some away every few seconds.

Then, at the turn of the second hallway, we see a door. A door with a red stained lock.

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