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"Run," I yell and for a moment Harry hesitates before we both dart off. We can't be in this hallway. There's a huge chance that if we are, something bad will happen and we will get even more hurt than we are now.

It takes us a bit to exit the hallway and once we do we are panting and crouching on the ground to have a small break. By all this running that I've been doing I better have the body of a swim suit model.

Once our breathing slows down we take a chance to look left and right to see if we can find any sort of life.

"Okay," I croak out. "Where do you think he'd be?" He scratches the back of his neck and looks around.

"We could try his room. Maybe there," He moves a bit of falling fringe from his face and when it falls back down he brushes it away again.

"Well do you know where it is?" I ask and he shrugs. Everything is silent besides us and it adds a bit of edge to my nerves.

"It's possible I saw it at least once. I remember him walking around that area when you turn left on the staircase but I can't be too sure," He mutters and rubs his arm with his hand. I put both of my hands behind my back and nod.

"Okay we can just try that. Or we can split up?" I end my sentence in a question because I don't know exactly how he would react to that. He's always been one to be protective and that time that I blacked out when the black figure almost killed me proves he was right to have wanted to keep me safe. Yet I feel like if we want to get something done this is the fastest way to go and the faster we are the more likely we can get out of the haunted house and find Jake.

"No. No splitting up. You already saw what happened last time you left on your own, I'm not going through that again." He furrows his eyebrows and fully neglects the idea.

"I know but if we do then we can cover more ground. You can find Jake and I'll get the laptop then we can meet up somewhere." I try changing his mind. I know that there is a huge risk at hand but it is a risk I am willing to take no matter how scared I get.

"Emery I already said no. Don't you see how in all those horror movies they split up and the next thing you know they die? Do you want to die?"

"What?" I gasp, shocked by his answer. "Of course I don't want to  fucking die. What the hell? I just think we'll get things done faster," A frown finds it's way on my lips and anger begins to slowly settle in.

"We're not going to split up Emery," He crosses his hands and stands taller, making him look more intimidating. His nostrils flare slightly and his eyes are completely set on me.

"You're not my dad. You can't boss me around." It is a pretty weak argument but either way I'm not going to let him win this fight.

"Are you even listening to yourself?" He asks and throws his hands up in the air. His mouth is agape and he turns around and rubs his hand over his face. "Listen please, it is much too dangerous and I already agreed to even coming with you here. Why are you so damn stubborn when I try to tell you something?" He yells out in frustration.

My expression goes to one of disbelief and I shake my head. It instantly goes to one of anger but before it does he catches a glimpse of my shock.

"Emery I didn't mea-"

"Save it," I raise my hand in front of my face. "If I'm so stubborn then go do this shit on your own. Go find Jake and I'll get the laptop." My voice is stern and I'm glad it didn't crack.

I start walking off but Harry tells me to stop and grabs my elbow. I yank it away and face him angrily.

"Don't touch me! Go find Jake, Harry. I'll meet you at the top of the stairs when I'm done." The anger I've kept bottled up over this house comes out on Harry and for a second I feel bad. I know I shouldn't have yelled at him but he is testing my patience and and he is just there.

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