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I wake up to the sound of someone yelling and some shuffling beneath me. My eyes snap wide open and I look around for a second until I realize where I am. Everything is black and I can only make out the outline of objects in this tiny compacted closet.

"Emery?" Harry asks. I slightly tilt my head to look up at him and once I see how close we are I lift myself up and move a few inches away from him. An unknown look washes across his face in an instant but it suddenly disappears.

"What," I mumble and rub my palms across my eyes to take the drowsiness away and wipe off some dried tears. I don't remember the last time I cried but I do know that it has been a long time. I don't like crying in front of people because it does nothing for you. Ever since I was a kid I would cry a lot since no one seemed to really care about me but my parents never did anything about it. So I just stopped completely, that is, until earlier today. I was so frightened and scared for my life and I just couldn't help but realize that it might be the end. That I might just die and there would be no more me.

A yawn escapes my lips and I look at Harry, awaiting his question or whatever it is he wants to tell me. 

"Nothing, I just wanted to know if you were awake," He says and I nod. Another yell echoes through the mansion causing both of our heads to snap to the door. "I think it's Riley, we should go." Harry says hurriedly. 

"Yeah, okay," I say and we both get up quickly.  A mop clatters to the floor and I struggle to pick it up. Another yell.

"Just leave it, c'mon," He says and grabs a hold of my arm. He tugs me up slightly and opens the door with a swift hand. We run down the hallway but once we come to the end we have no idea where to go. It splits of into two separate hallways like the capital 'T' and we wait there for a second, contemplating on where to go.

"What do we do now?" I ask and drop my hands to my side. Harry looks each way as if he were driving and then looks at me.

'We wait for another yell. Then we follow it. If he can even yell anymore," He adds quietly at the end. I look up to him with my eyebrows furrowed and he just looks down. A plain carpet adorns the ground so I doubt he's interested.

"If? Do you think the fi-"

"I don't know what to think," He cuts me off before I can ask more. "It's just," He sighs and looks down. "What if someone else dies? We almost, god I don't even want to say it," He takes the tips of his fingers and slightly pinches his forehead. " We almost got hurt back there Emery. If something else happens they might blame it on you. They already think you did it to Sam." I look of to the side and bite the inside of my lip. We have to try and prevent anything else from happening.

"You have a point," I say quietly.

"Of course I do, I'm Harry Styles," He says with a smug grin quickly replacing his previous serious expression. A sigh leaves my lips. Way to ruin the moment with your cocky remarks.

"Oh shut up," I tell him.

"I-." He gets cut off by a yell coming from the right side and we both dart of. This time a series of continuous pleas for help and cries flood my ears and we follow the sound as best as we can. We get closer to the noise and even though I'm running out of breath I run a little faster to catch up to Harry's speed. He looks over at me with a quick glance until he looks back in front of him and continues.

"HELP ME HELP HELP!!! SOMEBODY AAHHHHHH!!!" My eyes grow wide at the sudden boost of noise and the shrieks begin to sound even closer.

"Harry," I say in panic.

"I know," He struggles to let out. "Just keep running." I do what he says and with each step I take, the yells and shrieks and pleas and cries become louder and I become more and more scared. I try hard not to start crying or panicking too much and I stay silent for as long as I can besides the huffs and puffs I'm pulling together. 'We're close."

We turn the last hallway and that's when we see it.

On the floor and gasping for air with tear stained cheeks. Blood trickles down his nose while he holds his ears tight and covers them with the pale palm of his hand. He lays in a puddle of his own blood and it covers his clothes adding the dreaded red tint to them. Almost all the color is drained from his body with blood also flowing down his ears, being the cause of him holding them. His pleads are silenced for a moment when he coughs out and a disgusting red comes out his mouth. He is bleeding all over and I seem to be paralyzed to my spot as well as Harry.

Both of our expressions are in clear shock from the discovery of Riley in this state with our lips parted slightly and our eyes as wide as saucers. I regain my senses and rush to his side, having no clue of what to do. That's when I look up.

"Shit," Harry says.

The black figure floats high, almost touching the wall and I am filled with more fear than before. I still can't see its expression so it just looks like a dark cloaked figure of a body with no face but you can still sense it staring at you. It suddenly disappears out of thin air and that is when Harry comes rushing to my side.

"Harry what to we do?" I say with a shaky voice and already feeling my eyes filling up with tears. I touch his shaking body with my own shaking hand and just like that it becomes covered with blood. I yell and quickly pull my hand back. It is scaring me so much right now. I feel in shock from everything and watching a man die is draining the life out of me. 

"Emery," He says and pulls me away from the body. "There's nothing we can do. He's leaving already." And that's when I begin to sob hysterically. Not just from witnessing someone die or from having probably one of the worst days of my life but I'm making up for the crying I never did in the past. I'm crying because I have a horrible life and because no one has truly ever been there for me. I'm crying because I hate myself and I hate my life and I 'm so stupid and scared and helpless. I'm crying because I can cry and it's okay to cry sometimes.

I curl myself into Harry's chest as far as I can where not even a thin sheet of paper can fall through. Right now he's the thread that I'm holding on too, he's my life line. Is it okay that he's the only thing keeping me sane right now? No. But it's all I got, so I'll take it.

I take one more look at Riley and notice that the noises coming from him have ceased. His hands are limply fallen to his side facing me like I was his last resort for life. This makes me cry harder but I dont't look away. I'm still in Harry's arms while he soothingly rubs my back. Even though my sobs still echo througout this hallway I can hear him sniffling against me and a slight vibration coming from his chest.

He's crying.

And that's okay.

Riley's eyes are still open but I don't dare close them. I then look straight into the hallway and I see that it's a dead end. And at the end of the dead end is a mirror. This is the same hallway Sam died in.


"Two down, five to go."

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