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The knocking doesn't cease so I sit up as quick as I can. Harry flutters awake and as soon as he hears the knocking he becomes alarmed too. We both stay frozen to our beds, thinking of what to do next, until Harry decides to get it.

He slowly approaches the door and grabs a hold of the knob. I'm on edge on the bed, practically scratching my thighs until they bleed. I really need to stop this habit.

"Careful," I whisper to him. He nods and turns it but with all the knocking the maniac is doing I doubt they hear Harry. He turns the nob slowly,almost like he is trying to make me on edge and I grab for the nearest item to protect myself with. The only thing around me is the lamp so I fumble with the cord to unplug it which becomes a hassle due to my shaking hands. I take it out and stand guard on the opposite side of the bed.

Finally after feeling like a century has passed, he opens the door.

I watch as his shoulders slump the slightest and my breath stutters in my throat.

"Jenny?" Harry says. My hold around the lamp doesn't loosen at the fact that it's Jenny. We don't know what her intentions are but I'm hoping they aren't bad ones.

"Um, hi. Sorry for waking you up so early but I really need to talk to both of you. Can I?" She says and fumbles with her fingers. Her expression is one of anxiety, her eyes looking scared. Harry looks over at me like he is asking my permission and I just nod.

"Yeah yeah. Sure, come in," Harry ushers her in and she stands awkwardly in the room.

"Thanks," She murmurs. She faces me and off to the side I see Harry eyeing her suspiciously with his arms crossed. I'm not shocked, he wants to show how almighty he is and he is doing just that.

I set the lamp back on the nightstand and fish my fingers through my hair to tame it best. "So what is it?" I ask her and rest my body against the desk.

"Well... I- I know it wasn't you." She fumbles. Wasn't me? Harry furrows his eyebrows trying to also figure it out.

"What do you mean?"

She takes in a big breath before continuing. "I mean that I know you didn't kill Sam, or Riley. I- I've known all a long actually since Sam passed but... I didn't know if I should have said anything about...the things I saw." She whispers.

My heart does a sudden leap when she admits that she knows. But at the same time, if she knew why didn't she defend me? Why didn't she speak up when I was being accused? Why did she let everything pass like the blink of an eye. She could have lessened the pain of having people accuse me of murder but she didn't do shit when she knew! It shows what kind of person she is.

"You knew?" Harry is the first to speak up, looking as shocked as me.

"Yeah. And I'm sorry I didn't say anything sooner. It's just that- can I sit down? The walk up the stairs consumed lots of my energy," She tries to laugh but it comes out awkward and bitter. I tell her she can so she sits on the bed. "So, it's just that, I was too scared of what I saw and I thought people would think I was crazy or a lunatic. I mean, seeing black phantom things killing a person and hearing weird stuff? People would think I was insane!" Harry and I both gasp. We aren't the only ones who have seen the black figure.

"It was stupid to not say anything. I know that now but it was just eating me up and every day I feel like I'm... next. I don't feel safe here."

"The black figure..." I whisper and Harry catches it. He nods his head frantically and steps in front of her.

"So you've seen the black figure- phantom too?" He asks her.

"Yes. I haven't seen it lately but I have seen it." She confirms. Harry brings his hands to his hair and runs it through his soft curls. It reminds me back to the first time I touched his hair, when we first started looking for the cemetery.

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