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Everything feels distorted. Messed up in every way it can possibly be messed up. I don't know where I am.

Or who I am.

I try to remember but I can't. Think think think think, I keep telling myself.

I look around, swooping myself from side to side but I can't see anything. Everything is just black.

Where am I? Who am I? What am I doing here?

I squint my eyes to try and see better but it doesn't work. I start walking forward slowly, one foot far stretched in front of the other and arms outstretched as well to make sure I don't hit anything.

"Hello?" I call out but all I hear is a distant echo of my own voice. "Is anybody there?" I yell. Again, no response. I keep walking and trying to stay steady. I lose my balance a couple of times and trip once or twice.

Then I hit something with my foot. I fumble with my fingers quickly in front of me to try to distinguish what it is I crashed into.

The surface feels almost bumpy and hard. I can feel crevices broken into it. I stretch my arms to the side to try to see how wide it is but I still feel the surface meaning it's much wider than me. I reach up to see how high it is and still feel it beneath my fingers when I jump so it must be high. What is this?

I walk off to the side to see just how far it goes and fifteen steps later there is still surface so I decide not to go any farther. I try to go back the other way by dragging my fingers across it and then I feel something moist. "Ah!" I flinch my hand away rapidly and try to make out what it is but it's just too dark.

I touch the what I guess is an extremely bumpy "wall" again and I feel wetness on my hand.

"What?" I whisper to myself miserably. I bring the liquid up to my noise and take a quick wiff of it.

"Ugh ew," I scrunch up my nose and cover it. It smells metallic and rusty, almost familiar but I can't pinpoint exactly what it is. I bring it up again and smell it a second time. It smells the same and I am tempted to just lick it or something but I don't want to take the risk. Besides, who knows what this could be.

I smell it again and this time it reminds me of something.

"Hmmm... pennies..." I whisper. I don't exactly know why I'm whispering considering there is nobody around but it just feels like something I should do.

Pennies pennies pennies pennies...


Oh my god. No no no no no. Please don't be, please don't, oh no.

Blood. It's blood. It has to be. The metallic smell, the rusty scent, pennies. For some reason the smell of blood has always reminded me of pennies. A memory! I remembered something. The small flicker of hope ignites inside me but it quickly burns out when I realize my situation.

Why is blood on a wall? Where am I? Who am I? I rack my brain but nothing comes up.

I step probably a foot away from te wall and sit down. The floor is hard, almost like cement, and I place my head in my hands.

"Someone help me," I whisper. I stay there staring at the pitch blackness and then I get another memory. It makes me feel a bit dizzy but I shake it off. In the memory I see something walking up to me. Some sort of cover on them. It then appears closer and I notice it's red eyes. I don't do anything in the place I'm in. The closer it gets to me the more panicked I remember being. And then it attacks me. I lay bleeding on the floor with no one to help me.

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