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My heart stops and my breathing is cut short. Emery instantly becomes frigid in my arms and small pecks of tears flow from her eyes.

I just want this to end, all the pain and misery to be gone and leave us alone. I don't want to be on edge every second of my life. I don't want to simply survive, I want to live.

In that same voice the black figure begins singing the song. It is the same words from that dream and it baffles me to no end. I feel like it was a show into the past, that dream. It might sound crazy but in some twisted way it does add up. But I can't concentrate on that now. I have to keep both Emery and I safe. And if I don't, god, I don't know what I'd do.

"C'mon," I whisper to her and bring her shaking body closer to mine. I scoot farther into the closet which isn't so big to begin with.

"Emery. Harry," It calls in a deep raspy voice, yet I can tell it is of a woman. This makes Emery squirm. It knows our names. Ever since the beginning it has known them.

I look around in the darkness for something to protect myself with but the only things suitable enough are a broom and small shovel.

I slowly move Emery a little so that I can reach for the broom. It's not exacty a great protection device but at least it's something.

"Harry," Emery says shakily into my chest and cuddles further into me. I wrap my arm protectly around her and lean my head down onto the crook of her neck. I take in her sweet smell and rest my head there for a second.

"I love you," I say shakily and give her neck a soft kiss. She whispers it back and that's when the knob starts moving.

Thank god it is locked from the inside. Whoever made this door is an idiot for putting the lock on the inside but right now I couldn't be more thankful for their stupidity.

The knob jiggles around for a minute until the breathing on the other side of the door becomes rough and jagged. The black figure starts screeching out louder and louder, pulling on the knob. I cover Emery's ears the best I can but she starts whimpering.

"Harry make it stop. Make it stop."

She puts her hands over mine making more of a coverage for her not to hear. We need to get away from this somehow but it is so hard to do anything. Here we are locked in a closet, trapped by both ends with no way out. It is so loud, so freaking loud, every time it screams. It starts pulling more violently each time on the knob making it almost break off the screws. It is inevitable for the the door not to open. It's going to open eventually, I know that. It scares me just thinking about the possibilities of what might happen.

I try to act brave for Emery and I put on a strong front because if I don't then she'll believe that truly all hope is lost. She thinks I'm not scared and that I have everything under control but really I don't. I'm as scared as her though the smartest thing for me to do is to not show it.

It's crazy for me to think this... but I'd die for her. I'd take my life to ensure that she gets to live hers and actually live. I love her after all. It's crazy because I barely admitted to her that I love her but still. Time is just time and it isn't going to make much of a difference if I love her now compared to in a year. 

I groan internally. I've gotten much to cheesy and mushy for my taste exactly. At times I just can't help it though.

Reality crashes down on me and I'm brought out of my thoughts. The pounds on the door grow faster and the it is beginnng to creak. The hinges are about to break off and I grip the broom the tightest I can.

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