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Harry walks over to the lock and examines it closely. I stay a few steps behind him while he takes it in his hold and looks at it more. He then grabs the knob and turns it but it only makes a raspy noise from being too rusty.

"Shit," Harry groans and rubs his temple with his fingertips. "It won't open. It's locked and this door is fucking- ugh." He pushes the door then kicks it hard to no avail.

"Your gonna break a damn leg calm down. We just," I look at the lock and see the tainted red on it. It looks like it had smeared over all this time with the red color on the edges and covering small portions. The metal feels cool on my palm and a musty smell like something died invades my nostrils. "Well it's a lock so there might be a key."

"Well how do you expect to find that key?" He raises his eyebrows and leans across the unopened door.

I groan. "How am I supposed to know? I don't know, it's probably still in the house but it would probably take a long time to find it either way. It might not even be here- the lock looks real old."

Another sigh leaves Harry's lips. It seems we are filled with an endless amount of sighs. That or this place is just a bowl of disappointment.

"It's so dusty," He mutters all of a sudden.

"Well what do you expect? It's probably a thousand year old door with nobody to clean it," I say sarcastically. He eyes me for a second before looking back at the door. I examine his face for a second too and see a small indent form on his cheek which means he is biting it. Neither of us say a word for at least a minute while we stare mostly at the door. I steal some occasional glances of his face and he doesn't notice.

Harry starts shaking his, almost to himself. "No no no. There has to be something. We didn't get this far to be met with nothing." He lifts himself off the door and starts pacing- well as much as you can pace in a narrow hallway.

Suddenly he pauses and his eyes widen. He swiftly turns to the door and begins dusting it off with his hands. At first he seems in deep thought and troubled with himself. He continues patting away at the heavily dusted door which causes my eyes to get bit watery. I start sneezing and he looks at me worried  but I dismiss it with the shake of my head and wave of my hand.  I just get a bit sneezy with dust.

I begin to question what he is doing but he cuts me off with a deep gasp. "I knew it!" His eyes glow in excitment and he moves closer to what he discovered.

"What is it?" I ask and go to the area he is looking at.

"Writing. Words. Look," He points to the letters almost near the top of the metal door. I take a moment to read them.

Where the darkness lay

To where there is no sky, no sun

An area filled with the misery of the ancients

A place of Mors

To where the souls rest and a demon crawls

To where darkness never hides

I move my mouth along with the words but don't speak them aloud and I see Harry doing the same.

"Another riddle. Or probably message in this case." He says and I hum in agreement.

"Do you think it's telling us where the key is? Maybe?" He faces me and a hopeful look spreads throughout his face causing his eyes to glimmer in all this dark.

"Maybe," I reply. "But we need to figure it out first," I add.

"Yeah. But not here. Not in this disgusting place. Let's go to your room." He takes another quick glance at the riddle and then looks at me.

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