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What is behind me reflects on the mirror, knocking the breath out of me. For a moment I stand there frozen in shock and feeling paralyzed to the bone. He screams for me and that is when I snap out and begin running towards him.

"E-Emery," He chokes out, just before I arrive at the end of the hallway.

In front of me, Samuel is dangling in the air. The thing holding him up is the same black figure chasing me just minutes before.

They both float in the air with the figure holding Samuel by the neck. Samuel's hands hold onto his neck while he struggles to breath. The figure's face is hooded so I can't see it and it looks as if a cloak is what is covering it. It is frightening enough to leave me screaming each morning after bed for the rest of my days.

Once I'm right in front of him I stop short breathed and my feet seem to be glued back to the floor again. My eyes scan Samuel's for what to do but he dangles, struggling for his breath and choking out words.

"H-help," He squeaks out. I suddenly take action and lunge towards the figure but I'm not fast enough so it quickly floats to another hallway. I chase after it with intentions to stop it but so many thoughts rack through my brain making it harder to concentrate on one thing.

Is this really happening? Is that a ghost? Is this real life? Am I dreaming? How do I help him?

The figure stops again and still no face is visible except for darkness. Even with no face, I can tell it is staring straight at me and then its face darts to Samuel.

"Samuel!" I yell. Once I'm close enough to grab his legs I yell his name again but before I can even reach the tip of his shoes I hear a crack and a hand movement by the figure.


Samuels body falls limply to the floor and I stare at it in shock then I lift my head to face the figure.

"Be careful of your sins," It's voice is menacing and deep and sounds like static which scares the shit out of me.

The figure suddenly dissapears and I am left there for a moment scrambling around.

I yell for help and no one comes but I continue yelling. Small tears trail down my cheeks from this whole situation.

I move my head and place it on his chest to at least find a dim beating, but I hear nothing.

Dead silence.

I place my head on his chest once again and close my eyes to see if I can hear better.

      ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

Nothing is heard again. Not even a faint breathing or beating of the heart and I yell. I yell I yell and I yell because I can. I'm aloud to because I just watched a man die.


I just watched someone die.

"Help help someone come!!!" I yell even louder. I hear footsteps echoe through the mansion and I hear voices calling my name.

"Where are you!?" A male voice yells.

"Here! Follow my voice!"

A few seconds later everyone appears and once they see Samuel on the floor with a thin blood stream trickling down his chin I see different reactions.

Gasping, cries, screams, people saying things in shock, mouths wide open, eyes wide too.

"Wh-what happened?" Jenny stutters out. I look out Sams body for a few seconds with no answer. What am I supposed to say?

Oh hey, yeah so I saw a black figure ghost thing floating in the air holding Samuel by the neck and then he cracked his neck in half, so yeah. Scary ass shit man.

Yeah, I don't think so. But at te same time, it's sort of the only thing I can say at this moment even if they won't believe me.

"A um a black figure had him by the neck and it looked like a ghost. It cracked his neck so he, died," I whispered the last part and looked back at Sam.

"Excuse me?" Riley said in disbelief. "A ghost? Yeah and I'm a virgin. Figure this shit out, I'm not getting involved. " He waves his hand in te air and leave without a second glance.

"It's the truth. I'm beginning to understand why it's a 'haunted house'," I say.

"The house changing looks and now this?" Harry says. "You have got to be kidding me. It's still a dead body though so what are we supposed to do with it?" All of us stay quiet thinking of something to do with him.

Camille gasps. "How about we put him in the canoe and float him away? Fredrick did say if you don't stay when you leave to go in the canoes and obviously he's not... staying."

"Might just work," Harry says.


We already placed Samuel's body in the canoe and covered him with a sheet we found in one of the closets.

We had said a few words and then pushed him off into the unknown. Jake did all the dirty work of course. I am not about to carry a dead body down a hill and then walk two miles to the shore. Jake had put Sam's body on his shoulder and carried him like nothing. I guess he is as strong as he looks.

Right now we are all in the living room seated individually except for Riley since he left to god knows where.

"Tell us exactly what happened," Camille ordered. And so I did. Well, I said everything except the part where the figure/ghost/floating thing/scary cloak covered thing said 'Be careful of your sins'. I haven't yet figured that out and I still want to keep a little information to myself since I still plan on winning this thing. At the end they didn't look too convinced.

The worst thing is I didn't even know him well yet he was my best friend here.


"One down, six to go."

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