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Hi guys. :'(

I know a lot of you probably already know what happened. And if you live under a rock....

Zayn left One Direction.

I have to say, this is probably one of the worst days ever. And yeah many people probably think that "It's just a boyband. Why are you even crying over them?" Yeah well the thing is to a lot of people it is not just a boyband. It is much more than that.

With all the stress and issues that have been placed on the boys I uderstand why it happened. But at the same time, I don't understand why.

Some are saying he was fired by fucking Modest!, which by the way I hate with my life. They made it look like he did it by choice.

I just despise then sooo much. Ugh.

They over work them to much. They do all these horrible things to them and it is so unfair. And look at how that paid off? Horribly.

Zayn is such a beautiful, amazing, kind, person and I will miss him so much. I'm going to miss the way he smiles and the way he would light up. I'm going to miss his high notes amd his voice. His hair and his laugh. His perfectly god chiseled jaw. I'm going to miss everything about him.

He is just so.... wow. And so perfect and literally indescribable. My sunshine. So so perfect.

And might as well say a little song:

I'm a Malik girl
In a Horan world
Payne is plastic
It's fantastic
You can brush Lou's hair
Undress Harry everywhere
One Direction they are all perfection

I didn't make it but I thought it was cute. Hah.

I hope he knows that people love him and care so much for him because I honestly love him so so much and I know that others do too.

Right now, it is so hard to picture One Direction without Zayn Malik. It's not really One Direction without him.

I wish he would just come back...

I could not stand to be on social media any longer because I just couldnt handle it. :(

And I hope he realizes all the good he has done for people. He has made so many people happy and saved so many lives.

And I can't even begin to imagine how the rest of the boys are taking it. This is all just so sadd. :(

What am I even supposed to do now?

:(   :(   :(   :(

I'm going to miss you so much Zayn.

I love youuuu, Zayn.

But. Instead of crying over it and being sad about it (which I know is very very hard) we should be happy about all the great memories he has given us and all the good times. :)

So, smile. Okay? Even though it is hard. Zayn may not be in One Direction anymore but he will forever and always be in our hearts. Also, do stuff that makes you happy. Read a funny book, listen to some of your favorite songs (this one might be a little tough), talk to a loved one, go to sleep, and just do what makes you happy. Okay? Oh, and if anyone makes fun of you for being sad about it or crying, slap them. :)

As said by the amazing and talented Harry Styles: If you are going to slap someone and get it trouble for it, might as well slap them hard.


and sorry if this made you cry (i cried while writing it) but, I LOVE YOU ALL AND ZAYN DOES TOO


oh. And if any of you want to, you can kik me at : ultra...violence

and jk about the slapping thing !! Unless they really really deserve it. Mwahaha



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