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"Emery, Emery wake up," Someone gently shook my shoulder in an attempt to wake me. I slightly open my eyes to adjust to the brightness and I let out a yawn and stretch my aching limbs.

"What?" I ask, slightly annoyed of being disturbed and my voice groggy from barely waking up. My eyes come to focus with Jenny as she peers down at me with her hazel brown eyes.

"The plane just landed. We have to get out now," She said and pointed to the now empty plane.

"Oh shit,"I cursed. I shot up from my seat and took a quick look around. Nobody was in sight but us two and a flight attendant who was clearing the area. She wore a pencil skirt and a top that is much too tight in my opinion. But her shoes are to die for. I quickly look away before the hateful feeling comes.

" 'Scuse me," Jenny says and I nod. I move out of her way and she stands in the narrow aisle.

"Well, I guess this is bye," She says, with a small shrug of her shoulders.

"I guess so," I say back with little to no emotion. I don't really see the need to say goodbye if all I did was talk to her during the beginning of the flight and then pass out but okay.

I open the compartment for my bag on the top shelf but I'm interrupted by a faint hug from Jenny.

"Bye," She says and walks away. Well okay then.

"Bye," I say back and continue to take my items out. I strap my bags on my shoulder and scurry down the aisle to exit the plane.


"That will be forty five dollars miss," The man ordered.

"What? No, I searched it up and it costs less than thirty dollars for the ride," I argued. I spent my hours searching cheap boat rides to the island and I found this place, now he's telling me I have to pay over forty?! I don't think so.

"Look miss, this is a private ride and you're lucky that I'm even willing to take you there. Most people wouldn't even dare to make the trip to that mess of an island," He explained seeming annoyed. Hell, I should be the one annoyed here.

"I can't pay forty five. I don't have that much," I said back. The man groaned in frustration while he brought his hand up to rub his eyes. He looks middle aged with a scraggly beard and a simple shirt with khaki shorts. Shades cover his eyes but thin wrinkles are visible on the corner of his eyes.

"Okay, I'll make a deal with you. You seem like a nice person so I'll lower it to thirty five. Good? It's the cheapest you'll get around here," He muttered. I looked around the dock and only few people were in sight. I need to be at the house soon and I don't want to be late.

"Okay fine," I fished through my bag for the wallet and came up with it a few seconds later. I took out a twenty, ten, and five and handed the bills to him. He shuffled through it and grunted in respond. Whatever,I'll just get the money back once I win this thing.

"Good," He muttered and stuffed the money in his pocket. "Would you like help with that?" He asked and pointed to my two suitcases and slightly big luggage bag. I muttered 'mhmm' and nodded. He picked up the two suitcases and I took the luggage bag and of course my camera carrier along with my side purse.

"Watch your step," He called out as we stepped over the narrow opening that if you stepped through, you would fall down to the ocean. I made a small leap and sighed once I reached the other side.

The boat isn't that big but it's a good size. I walk over to the railing to stand by and enjoy the scenery.

The man walks to the steering area of the sailboat and sits down on the wornout chair with a huff. His belly is slightly bulged and his beard makes him look a bit dirty since it's messy. He lifts his shades slightly showing me his chocolate eyes and places them on the front of his head.

"You can place your things over there and for safety regulations I'm going to need you to put on a life jacket," He says and points to a small cubby on the middle of the sailboat. I nod my head and place my items there gingerly, minus my camera carrier, which is still hanging on at my side. I plan on using this to my advantage and doing my photographer job to take pictures.

"Life jackets are in here," He points to a medium sized box next to him. I make my way towards it and find one my size. I strap the orange material around me and walk over to the railing once again while the man starts the boat.

I take a breath of the fresh ocean air and the saltiness tingles through my nostrils. The sailboat smoothly floats on the water and it feels soothing. I take my camera out of its carrier and place the carrier in the cubby. I strap the camera around my neck and look through the lens.

The water smoothly waves around and the air causes goosebumps to form on my skin. Looking way out, I can see the tiny island getting bigger with each stride towards it.

I place my camera at the perfect angle and point it towards the small island with the shining sun still in sight.


I remove my eye from the camera and look at the sight of the landscape visible in the image. A small smile grazes my lips at it. I continue snapping pictures throughout the short ride and enjoying the feeling of being on a sailboat. My hair whips around and I just love it.

I wish I had a sailboat. I would use it all the time and enjoy it. Maybe when I win I'll look into it.

Once I hop of the boat I stand on the seemingly vacant island. I wave goodbye at the man and he sails away. I sigh and take in my surroundings.

"Now what?" I say out loud and flop my hands to my side with the luggage surrounding me.

A sign up ahead reads 'Welcome To Hurricane Island' in tattered and faded blue letters and I take a better look at it. A note is attached to the sign and I walk up to it to get a better look. Camera still in hand.

A pink notice paper is nailed to the sign and I get closer.

Contestants of the HHS, walk up ahead and you will be met by a person who will help you. Don't roam around. Follow the path.

I take a step back and snap a quick picture of the sign. What? It's my passion. After the picture I follow the instructions.


"Hello," I whip my head to the sound of the voice, stuggling with the layers of suitcases and bags engulfing me. I've been following the dirt path for almost twenty minutes and even though it's not hot, thin beads of sweat still travel down my face.

"Um, hello?" I mutter, a bit embarrassed at how I must look right now. I take a good look at the thin man and he begins to walk over to me.

"Are you the, uh, helper?" I wonder.

"That would be me," He says. "May I help you?"He asks and I nod.

He removes the two suitcases from my grasp and I sigh in gratitude at the loss of that heavy weight.

"The mansion is just up this hill," He mentions, rolling my suitcases in front of me.

"Okay," I say and haul my luggage up too. Soon, a full huge mansion comes into view. It is surrounded by a brick wall stretching more than twenty feet tall and looks like it surrounds the perimeter of the mansion.  An intricate metal gate stands tall in front of me and the helper takes a moment to take out his key and insert it into the lock.

I walk through the gates of the mansion. Wow.

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