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"Ms. Collins," A curt voice spoke through the thin door. Two knocks followed. "Dinner is ready,  everyone has arrived." Said the obvious voice of Fredrick the butler. It just sounds so fancy.

"I'll be down in a few Fredrick," I holler and scurry to the large mirror perched on the dresser.

I lightly smooth out my hair and take a deep breath. I adjust my thin long sweater and look at my reflection.

"Okay Emery, time to meet the others," I speak to myself and walk out to the hallway. There are so much doors here, I'm lucky I got the obvious last door or else I would certainly get lost.

I turn a hallway and keep walking but it ends in a dead end. I couldv'e sworn it was this way.

Either way, I go back and turn to another hallway and that leads me to another one but again I appear at a dead end. "Dammit," I huff. I seriously need a map to navigate through this place. It was much easier when Fredrick lead the way since he at least knows it.

Once again I walk into a dead end. The difference with this dead end is that there is a giant mirror covering the dead end of the hallway. I slowy walk over, I don't know why, but I feel like I need too.

Once I reach it I stare at it for a few seconds and may I add it is an average mirror. Nothing very special besides the ornate design on the edges. I stare a little longer.

Something in the corner of the mirror catches my eye and I take a closer look.  My eyes squint and I see a figure. A thin figure covered in black and I make out a face. A gasp leaves my lips and I quickly spin around but nothing is there.

My breaths become a little heavier and I scrucnch up my eyebrows. Okay that was pretty scary I admit but it was either my imagination or some sort of illusion caused to try to scare me.

A few minutes later after becoming frustrated, nervous, lost, and worried, I finally arrive at the dinner area. It has a long table with eight seats. Four on each side to be exact.

Six people occupy the seats and I slowly walk over to the empty seat on the end. Seems like I always get the things at the end.

"Ah, nice of you to finally join us Ms. Collins." Fredrick suddenly appears from a door with a meer smile.

I fake a smile and face him. "Just call me Emery, is fine," I say. "And I got a bit lost, so many hallways,"  I nervously chuckle. I feel sort of awkward in this situation with all eyes on me and Fredrick looking at me with that intimidating smile.

Somebody scoffs and I turn my head in their direction for a quick second.

Male; brunette; curly hair. Those are things I immediately notice of his appearence since I turn away quickly.

"That's fine. It is a hig house after all," He lightly chuckles and smiles but I find it creepy. I nod and look at my plate.

"Emery? Emery, is that you?" Somebody asks. I lift my head and none other than Jenny is looking at me. She is at the end of the seats in front of me but I still have a clear view of her.

"Jenny," I say in a fake cheery voice. I don't need jealousy this soon into meeting these new people. That's the reason I'm not looking at these competitors yet or else I'd be filled with it. Besides, I've already had enough of that with me wanting all this amazing furniture and humungous house.

"Oh my god. I didn't know you would be here. Wow," She says. She can't pull this with me though. I can tell she doesn't want me here just by listening to her tone. I can hear an edge of annoyance in her voice as she speaks but do I care? No. I'm here to win the million dollars and get whatever I want so that I don't have to suffer with this feeling anymore. Nobody is going to stand in my way of that.

"Well, I'm here," I say in the same tone as her.

"Mhmm," She mutters and looks away from me. I look at my empty plate and fiddle with my fingers.

"You have met?" Fredrick  finally speaks up from his straight stance next to the table. I wait for Jenny to say something but she doesn't.

"Oh um yah. On the airplane to get here actually," I say. Fredrick  nods.

"Are we going to eat yet," An accent mutters with. I quickly look his way again and it is the same person who scoffed. British accent? Hmmph.

"Ah yes," Fredrick says and walks towards the kitchen door. Nobody seems to be making eye contact during this time so I keep my head down. Hopefully all these people are wimps so that I can win this thing easily.

My eyes dart around everywhere and I notice that the dining area is basically the same as the rest of what I've seen so far. Same type of furniture and fancy look. I'm really starting to doubt that they are even trying because seriously? All I see is fancy and comfortable. Aren't haunted houses supposed to be all scary looking and have paranormal things happening? Not that I even believe in paranormal because I just think it's stupid. It's not even real so what is there to be scared of. 

Fredrick comes through the door moments later and sets our plates with food. We all have a small steak, mashed potatoes, salad, and other little sides. It looks like it was made by a proffesional chef and I quickly dig in as does everyone else. I notice a man a couple seats down is halfway done with his plate and we barely got it. Now I know he has quite an appetite.

My mouth feels like it is watering with the flavors of the food savoring in my mouth. It's so good and I might just ask for seconds .

"Good, isn't it?" Fredrick asks. His hands are behind his back and his scanning eyes reach our faces with that same smile he always has. Murmurs of 'yes' and 'very good' flood the table and he just stands there.

I'm beginning to wonder if there is even anyone else who works here because so far I have only seen Fredrick and Dylan but I haven't seen Dylan either. It like he just disappeared out of thin air. I mean, where is the lady that I talked to on the phone, Macy. Isn't there supposed to be further instructions? Everything is just confusing.

"Listen up," Fredrick says and heads snap up to face him , still chewing their food. "Once you are all done eating we will discuss further and get to know each other. " That's a bit more clear now. We nod our heads and murmur okays.

"I hope you enjoy your food," He responds and begins to walk away. "It's the last good one you'll eat," I hear him whisper.

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