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I sit quietly in my room with my camera in the palm of my hands. I admire it for a while and flip it from side to side. I haven't taken much pictures with it lately except for a few here and there.

On the span of this trip I've only taken a few. I don't even remember how long it's been since I arrived here. It feels like weeks but I doubt it's that much.

I scan through the pictures and the earliest ones are the ones that I took when I first came. Images of the water when I was on the sailboat and also some of the house pass by.  When the house actually looked fancy and nice to be exact.

I stop at one where I'm standing slightly leaning to the side and the mansion is in the background clearly visible. I remember that the guy who brought up my luggage took this. He was paler than a person should be -no offense- and what was his name? Daniel, Darrel, Dy- Dylan! It was Dylan something. Oh, who the heck cares what his last name is. Fredrick never told me his anyway.

I take a closer look at the picture to see how the mansion first appeared when I got here. It was nice with red wine bricks and vines cascading down the sides as if hair was trailing down. Now it just looks so sad with its bricks that seem almost gray and dead dried up branches surrounding it in layers.

I search for the window of my room in curiosity and  go to the top right corner of the image on the screen since that's where my room is located. Suddenly, I spot a figure appearing on the window. It looks like it's wearing something black like the black figure except this one has two red tinted eyes. I could see it vaguely and it's eyes seemed to be trained on me in the picture. They were looking down at the exact place that I was and I began to freak out.

This thing was in my room. It was looking at me since the damn day I got here. It has probably been spying on me this whole time without me noticing and that leaves me paralyzed with fear. What does it want and what is it planning on doing to me? Nevermind, I don't even want to think of the possibilities of it doing anything to me. If I do then my imagination will go wild and start making up gruesome scenes in my head.

I look out the window of my room to be met with light dawning in. It's in the afternoon and it has been a few days since Riley tried to molest me. That perverted asshole has been making more moves on me and each time it gets worse. Harry isn't around when it happens and even though I badly want him to teach Riley a lesson I haven't told him about it. I'm old enough to handle myself without someone's help but I'm starting to fear that no matter how much I deny it, I still need help duing this time.

Still, Harry is the only one who believes me even though I've tried to talk to the others about it. All they end up doing is  either shooting me down quickly or plain old ignoring.

So what I have done is ignored their deadly glares and jusy talked to Harry. Of course he is still the same cocky pride filled jerk but it's nice having company.

We usually end up talking about bands and music so I'm okay with it. I let him borrow my ipod since I also brought it along with me and he listened to my style of music which includes songs like ones by The Killers or Paramore. He also currently still has it and I'm going to have to ask for it soon since I'm dying to have my little baby back.

"Knock knock," The voice echoes through the door and I immediatly know who it is. I gingerly place the camera on my bed and shout for him to come in.

"Hey. I finished listening to it. There were great songs by the way," He said in his usual deep and husky voice. He handed me my ipod along with the tangled  ear phones. I always bring along two pairs of earphones with me because you never know when you might end up needed an extra.

"Yah, thanks," I reach out for them and he sits on the edge of the bed which leaves a small crater. I unfold my knees from their criss cross apple sauce position and lean over to drop them in my drawer.

"This is your camera?" He asks and reaches for it. I nod and he inspects it. "I used to have a camera like this but I got the newer version since this one just didn't fit me. It cost me a bunch but it was worth it." He smiles and looks through the lens.

My stomach drops and I feel the need to tell him to shut up. I've been wanting the newer one for a while now since it has better quality and everything but of course I can't since it's too expensive. I was barely able to afford my current one and that's why I'm so careful with it.

It's one of the few good things I have that most people don't have but here goes Harry mother fucking Styles with his incessant bragging. Now of course I envy him. It's probably so easy for him and I bet he doesn't even use it while I'm here struggling my ass for one since I want it so bad. I ignore the lasting pain and put on a small fake smile  for Harry.

I look up and in that exact moment Harry says, "Say cheese," and I'm caught off guard with my eyes probably wide open and the sound of a swift click.

He chuckles. "I like it." He shows me the picture and it is a bit blurry and in it I have wide eyes and my mouth slightly open. A small laugh escapes me lips.

"It's okay."

"It's not just Ok Emery. It's astounding, marvelous, wonderous, magical, intriguing, beautiful, and an award winning picture!" He yells with his hands extended in the air and saying it like an announcer. I laugh for a while and mutter 'sure' once I'm done.

"I'm a genius," He replies with a cocky smirk. "I should become a photographer because I took one amazing picture. People would be begging on their knees for it, " He says with the smug grin never leaving his lips.

"Keep on dreaming buddy. I'm the one in it so they'll be asking me to be a model for them," I say and flip my hair with the same smug grin. "I'll be famous," I say in a mock voice and we burst out laughing. Suddenly an idea pops into my head.

"You wanna do something fun?" I ask him.

"Sure. What is it?"

"Come," I say and pull his wrist along with my camera.

"Gladly," He smirks and I realize what I just said.

"Shut up Harry," I feel the blush creeping up on my cheeks but I continue to drag him towards the door. "You know what I meant."  He contines laughing behind me at his little joke. And we enter the hallway.

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