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A dream.

A dream both Harry and I went inside of. Does this seem crazy? Yes it does. I'm freaking out inside because I'm realizing that yes, yes it was a dream. That would explain why the wagon passed straight through me and why I woke up lying on the floor. Shit, that actually freaking happened.

"Emery," Harry whispers next to my ear. The room is still dark but this time there is no light at all. "We should get out of here." His voice echoes slightly off the walls. A cold feeling suddenly passes over me and I nod.

"Yeah. Let's go." It feels more frightening the more we stay in here. This feels like the type of place for something to reach out for you and get you. I make sure to huddle my hands on the inside of my pocket and the other being held securely by Harry.

"Okay, we need to find the door," He mutters. We slowly begin walking forward and that horibble feeling passes through me, the feeling that you're being watched. I tense up and don't dare turning back.  If I turn back surely the little bit of life I have in me will go away. If I turn back and something is there, I swear I'll lose my shit. I'm hanging by this thin strand of thread and it's the only thing giving me some sort of peace at mind. If I didnt have my hand in Harry's, I'd fall and never get up.

"Did you find it?" He asks.

"No," I whisper shakily. I grip his hand tighter and reach out in front of me to see if I can find the exit. Still, I feel no wall so I'm assuming we are still somewhere in the middle of the room. When did this room get so big anyways? I don't remember it being so huge.

Then, the low humming starts.

It feels like it's coming from behind me and I almost die right there. My chest tightens in the worst way and my stomach drops to the floor. My whole being just feels like it drops.

God, if I'm going to die today, just take me now.

Harry instantly holds me tighter against him and I hear his breathing increase. My legs feel like jelly, the darkness engulfs me.

The humming continues and then there is singing.

"The children will die while the men and women cry. Your blood is cursed and they will never be saved. The children will die while the men and woman cry." The voice is low and steady but is evidently one of a woman's. My chest goes up and down, my breathing feeling out of control. This must be what the dream was meant to The children will die while the men and women cry. Your blood is cursed and they will never be saved. The children will die while the men and woman cry tell us. That song, is the same thing that witch person said in the dream. Some peices of this puzzle are beginning to connect. 

Harry then pulls me with him and yells. "Run!" His deep voice echoes throughout the walls and the music ceases automatically. For a moment there is no noise, besides us panting and running for our lives. I take in the moment because I know, no matter what, this isn't going to last. This silence is going to go away because it is coming after us. Without even looking back I can already feel it's dark red eyes trained at me, staring at us both. It's dark bone claws reaching out to try and kill me with a single swipe of the hand. I can only imagine what is under that cloak. The ruined flesh of a demon, blazing red eyes that feel like they stare into all your thoughts and soul.

Then it starts screaming. It's voice brings pain to my ears, making me want to hold them from fear but I hold on to Harry's hand tighter. It yells the song over and over again, louder and louder, closer and closer, each time it's worse than the last.

"Hold your hands out," Harry commands. I can see absolutely nothing and the moment I am forced to let go of Harry's hand I feel like I can't do anything. My vision is pure black and the screaming behind me is horrid. Everything feels lost but I follow Harry's commands either way and hold them in front of me.

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