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Harry's P.O.V

I hold onto her hand tightly and pull her along with me. Sweat beads slip down my face and next to me Emery pants loudly and draws deep breaths. I can tell she's immensly frightened so I squeeze her hand slightly and shoot her a worried glance. I didn't only hold her hand for only her assurance though, also for me because I'm also scared. Even though I hate to admit it. It just irks me inside when someone does something better than me and I have to be better. It's not that I want to exactly, its more that I have to. For some reason if I don't then it's like I'm brainwashed or something and made to say it.

I pull myself out of my thoughts and focus more on the running and finding a safe area or at least losing the figure.

"EMERY! EMERY! EMERY! HARRY! HARRY! HARRY!" It screeches, the voice vibrating through me. It's very deep and rough with a rasp to it. It is scaring the fucking crap out of me but I have to put on a brave face for Emery. We turn down a few hallways and I have no idea how someone can live in a house this big. All these turns and edges just make it harder to find where you're going. I've only been here about two weeks, I don't even remember, and I still don't know the way completely. Still, it makes it much harder to top this place.

I snap out of my thoughts and bring myself back to reality. I liked my thoughts much better.

I slightly turn my head once again and the figure is gaining proximity so I pick up speed and urge Emery to do the same. She's breathing heavily and I feel the need to just carry her and rid her of her pain and struggle.

We are in a different hallway now after passing through many and I take in my surroundings. I recognize its small tables and dimly lit lamps right away.

"Emery," I breathe out. " I know where we are." She looks at me for a second then looks around her and her eyes go wide.

"Me too," She says and looks around a bit more. The figure is still yelling our names but I try to block it out as much as possible.

"I remember a sharp turn up ahead and I think there is a closet there," I look back quickly. "We are far enough to get there before the figure so when we," I pant and take a deep breath. "When we get there, open it and we'll stay there." I order. It's a risky plan but it's all I have on short notice.

"O-kay" She says in between breaths. We come a little closer to the edge and I ready myself to turn quickly. I look back for the millionth time today and the figure seems far enough for us to take the turn.

We are about seven feet away from the edge and I turn to her. "Ready? " I ask. She looks up at me with fear in her eyes and nods.

"Ready," We arrive at the corner and with a sharp turn we enter the next hallway and the closet appears right next to us.

"Hurry," I mutter frantically, trying to catch my breath. She takes a few seconds getting a hold of the knob with her jumpy hands but then she flings it open enough for us and we get inside. Quickly, I close the door behind me and we are met with numerous cleaning supplies. I back up as much as I can to the wall and bring her with me. She is holding the palm of her hand to her mouth to keep her sobs from getting any louder and I see tears streaming down her beautiful face. Yeah, I haven't known her long but it doesn't take much to see how truly gorgeous she is. I love teasing her and how her face gets all red and hot and sometimes I can't help but smile. It captivates me, her smile, it's a part of why I love teasing her. It makes that flawless smile of hers appear and it makes me happy knowing that I made her do that.

I quickly focus back on what is happening but it's hard to rip my thoughts away from her. The, quite literally, thundering voice of the figure slowly begins to quiet down as he passes us and goes deeper into the hallway, leaving us behind. A relieving sigh leaves my lips and I rub Emery's arm softly to try to calm her. She buries her head into my chest and sobs quietly while I rub her back and speak comforting thoughts. "It's okay Emery. You're okay," I say soothingly. I place my chin atop her head and take in the smell of her hair. It smells like lavender and I leave my head there just soaking in this time together. I might not ever get to hold her like this again.

I crouch down and sit on my bum with my legs extending in front of me. I let her curl into me again and we stay there in that posititon for what seems like hours. But I don't mind it one bit.


I'm awoken by the slight movement in my arms and my eyes flutter open to be met with darkness. It takes a moment for my eyes to adjust and I see the outline of someone in my arms. My eyebrows furrow for a second until all the memories of earlier come flooding back to me like a full speed tsunami. I love the feeling of waking up and feeling like everything is okay. You get a brief yet full filling moment of peace and serenity but then BAM! Everything comes back to you and in my case, once that full speed tsunami comes I realize my hell of a life and I want to go back to sleep and forget everything. So basically, that moment is heaven for me.

I take in everything around me once more and with the rhythmatic breathing coming from Emery I can tell that she is still asleep. I close my eyes with a deep sigh and run my hand that isn't holding Emery across my face.

I sit there for a bit. Just thinking about everything there is to think about in this horrid place. I remember getting the phone call for the HHS and thinking 'Wow, I could win this thing and get all that money. It's a bunch of shit anyway, I don't even believe in that stuff.' And fuck was I wrong. I did it for my own pride. To brag to everybody and say that I have more money than them and I'm better than them and ugh I hate myself right now. How could I have been so stupid. Well, I guess I'm just a stupid self absorbed person.

"AAAAHHHHHH!!!" A man's voice yellls out from a distance and I become alarmed. Riley.

[First Harry P.O.V., to get an insight into what he thinks. It was short but know you know a bit of how he feels. Ship names? Comment some please and it might be a bit hard. Emery and Harry. Vote, share, comment!]

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