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[ Well I forgot what month I first made this story take place in. So if I ever wrote it can anyone please remind me and if not then this story took place in May. So they were in the haunted house for May.]

I have begun to believe that things happen for a reason. No matter if the situation was bad or good, there is a reason behind it.

The last day of being in the haunted mansion I was almost driven towards insanity. One thing, one more thing, was all I needed to finally reach the point of being insane. But that didn't happen.

Watching all those innocent people die just broke me. Every time I saw a death the more it took away from me. It made me tired and was wasting my soul away.

They didn't deserve to die. None of them did even though they all had a sin. Everybody has a sin even though that of some can be almost non-existent.

No one is perfect and no one can have that clean of a slate. And sometimes that is sad to think, that there is always going to be some bad in the world, but we can't change that. We are only human after all.

And on that day, I felt a failure for not being able to prevent at least one person from brutally having their life ended and it was a huge struggle for me to go on after that.

Harry had called the police and ambulance on his phone at the edge of the island while I was screaming my lungs out and half dead.

In the canoe, for a while I felt safe and I was with Harry so everything was okay. But then, I blacked out from the loss of blood and Harry had too.

Helicopters had found us and taken us to the hospital. They were shocked by all the marks we had on our bodies and immediately began questioning us when we woke up.

They asked and asked and asked on and on about what happened and what it was but I couldn't bring myself to say nor do anything because I was in a form of trauma and shock. I was so so sick of everything.

Harry, my love, had a hard time as well, but he had enough courage to show them the videos and pictures we took. He turned the other cheek when they came on and he doesn't know this, but I'd see him crying and tearing up and it was just so hard and horrible on us both.

It took a two months to officially condemn the island and no one was allowed there with the exception of a few people who went to study. Of course, they never came back.

We were in the news and practically everywhere at the time. You'd think I'd be flattered but it was the exact opposite. I wanted to forget but I couldn't without being reminded every time I took a step outside. In a way, this was extremely messed up for me. All I had ever really wanted in life was to be known and cared for and to be the envy of everyone else. But it didn't feel good having all those cameras shoved in my face and having all those questions being thrown at me. I admit, there was a small part of me that adored the fame, but I felt like I wasn't allowed to fully enjoy it.

Harry and I were in therapy for a year. It was a difficult time for us and there were good days and bad days. I would spend some nights laying in bed thinking about things and sometimes I just wished I could shut my brain off, forget everything, and just fade away. But the thing was that I didn't want to die and I didn't want to live. I just wanted to simply be.

Harry was my anchor through everything. Even though he was suffering to, he helped me and I helped him. It was tough on us though. We had our first fight about our therapy problems that we were having during the time. Sometimes one of us didn't want to attend and we would spend the day fighting and trying to convince the other that this is what we had to do.

A month after we came back from the haunted mansion, Harry asked me to move in with him. It was absolutely adorable and I still almost cry tears of joy just thinking about it. We were at the beach, and him being an idiot, acted like he was proposing. I was going crazy inside because I thought he was going to propose and it just felt too soon for me.

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