The Elements of Rage by JadeQueen100
The Elements of Rageby Jade
I step forward with a vicious grin and declare, "Fight me." // Powers are only bestowed on those that deserve it. The kind, the gentle, the meek, those destine...
  • insane
  • powers
  • fighter
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INSANE ⋆ Z.M by zaynsprada
INSANE ⋆ Z.Mby vulgar princess
A psychological thriller following the life of handsome psychopath, Zayn Malik, as he faces the wicked temptations of his disease. all rights reserved © zaynsprada 2018...
  • disturbed
  • darkzayn
  • mentaldisorder
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Twisted Obsession   by HoniiDippa
Twisted Obsession by HoniiDippa
He was mysterious, unreadable, cold and expressionless. Something about him drew her to him and it interest her. Perhaps it interest her a little bit too much until...
  • werewolf
  • drugs
  • heartbreak
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I N S A N E by leonaxwrites
I N S A N Eby leona
"I'm Insane" "I know, but so am I" --------------------------- They say she's crazy, insane, fucked up and a psycho. They say he's soulless, insane...
  • darkromance
  • romance
  • dark
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Mad Hatter ✘ Book One   ✔ by Red_Godess
Mad Hatter ✘ Book One ✔by | Valeska |
Completed ✔ Began: 17.01.17 Finished: 27.04.18 ... When James Gordon's Niece turns up in Gotham and finally meets Jerome Valeska. After her first meeting with him, Jero...
  • jeromevaleska
  • hate
  • insane
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Provocative | ✅ [Completed] by jongdalsee
Provocative | ✅ [Completed]by ❝ g r i l l a ❞
He smirked. "Tell me, love. Did I did this?" His fingers slowly crept to her thighs. She swallowed but didn't answer him. His hands suddenly got inside her pan...
  • steamy
  • agegap
  • babydoll
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Untouchable by papigoalz
Untouchableby Slut
"You wouldn't hurt me, would you?" "Why would I hurt someone I love?" "Why would you hurt someone at all? Innocent people." He smirked...
  • perksofbeingawallflower
  • psycho
  • kevinkhatchadourian
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His Fire [COMPLETED] by JazelNB
His Fire [COMPLETED]by JNBFaith
He had wealth, she had scars. He had a protective father, she had the opposite. He had a lovely mother, she had none. Both of them had an unpleasant past. The thought of...
  • insane
  • wattys2018
  • abuse
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The Mafia Leader & The Secret Psycho by zara_bentall
The Mafia Leader & The Secret Zara Fe Bentall
#4 IN 'CRAZY' AS OF 21/09/2018 #1 IN 'ASYLUM' AS OF 21/09/2018 Skye is trapped in an asylum, which her parents led her to. The mafia leader, Kenneth, comes along and bel...
  • psycho
  • asylum
  • marriage
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Servant  by goldenscares666
Servant by Golden
(Insane/Yandere King x Reader) Don't you change the subject, Cuz you're my favorite subject~
  • murder
  • xreader
  • obsessed
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Trick Or Treat || Michael Myers X Reader by CoraRosenthal
Trick Or Treat || Michael Myers CoraRosenthal
Y/n has returned to Haddonfield after leaving the old Smiths Grove Sanitarium. Having recently introduced herself to Laurie Strode and her group of friends, Y/n has no i...
  • death
  • insane
  • horror
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𝙍𝙪𝙞𝙣 𝙈𝙚  by Txmptrxss
𝙍𝙪𝙞𝙣 𝙈𝙚 by Temptress
[BXB] "You should've ran the moment you met me" |Complete|
  • bisexual
  • clarencenyc
  • ruined
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Insanely badass  by GoatGawdess
Insanely badass by G.O.A.T
Flashback October 23, The day I went mad. The day I realized sanity was nothing more than an illusion amongst people. The day I watched my foster parents get killed ri...
  • badass
  • romance
  • insane
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Childhood Sweethearts ✔️ by LaurenJ22
Childhood Sweethearts ✔️by Lauren Jackson
#1 Teen Fiction | #1 Young Adult | #1 Romance "We all need someone to drive us mad." - The Wombats. He stared arrogantly down at me, a smirk plastered across...
  • badboy
  • carter
  • fights
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Percy Jackson: Betrayed by Allure_Crimson
Percy Jackson: Betrayedby Allure_Crimson
What words would you use to describe Percy Jackson? Hero, loyal, fighter? What about betrayed, tortured, insane? No? Well the latter sadly describes him as he is now. If...
  • jackson
  • percy
  • betrayed
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Lost Cause » Void Stiles by insatiabIe
Lost Cause » Void Stilesby spooky scary alygator
❝What's so great about sanity? I don't see you having any fun.❞ When asked to define insanity, a great majority of the Eichen House staff would direct the questioner t...
  • wattys2017
  • voidstiles
  • kitsune
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Two Sided (CreepyPasta x MaleChild) by Monkey12230
Two Sided (CreepyPasta x MaleChild)by Monkey1223
(Y/n)- your name has a second personality who he refers to as Sane. He escaped the asylum he was locked away in at age five. He finally escaped after three years of tort...
  • ceepypasta
  • idk
  • death
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| Psychopath | Kim Taehyung x Reader | by J-hobieeeee
| Psychopath | Kim Taehyung x Lisa Huynh
What happens when a psychopath falls for you?
  • bts
  • tae
  • crazy
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My Insane Love Story (Yandere!Shuichi X Reader X Yandere!Kokichi) by QueenOfNekoWriters
My Insane Love Story (Yandere! DaydreamingNeko
You will be mine... Mine and mine alone... Forever... And ever... You'll never escape... From my love... Ever... *** What is love? Is it an emotion? A feeling that acts...
  • readerinsert
  • darklove
  • love
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