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When I say fall, I mean both types. Figuratively and literally.

I feel like I'm slowly falling for him, each day more and more. The only reason I smile every time I wake up is because I know I'll see him. I know I'll get to see his bright eyes and beautiful smile and his dimples pop up when when that happens. He'll make me laugh and make me smile. He'll tell me crappy jokes but I'd still laugh cause they're so corny. He'd be the one who wouldn't let me get my own food because he doesn't want anybody to hurt me. He makes this nightmare just more bearable.

And I love that.

He might have some slip ups and show off but at this point I'm learning to bear with it and that's fine.

This rock is only big enough to hold one person and half of another. Meaning I fell off seconds after we kissed. I slipped of the rock, falling on my ass and in the process hitting my arm on something hard. No doubt there'll be a bruise there later.

"Emery shi- are you okay?" He quickly goes to me and helps me up. I stumble all the way up but he handles me enough so I don't fall.

"Yeah. But ow," I hiss and look at my arm. There is a slight purple bruise forming on my forearm and I touch it to see how sensitive it is. It stings at the touch so I remove my hand.

"God, I'm sorry it was my fault I must have accidently pushed you while we were uh kissing," He instantly blushes causing me to do the same. I find it quite adorable. "So sorry about that. Ow it looks bad," He gently takes my arm and looks at the bruise. His mouth turns into a frown and he softly touches the skin around the bruise.

"I'm okay. It just hurts if you touch it but it isn't really hurting right now. And Harry? It wasn't your fault, don't blame yourself okay?"


He gets interrupted by a deep noise sounding like to rocks moving against each other. Almost like something's opening up. We both turn our heads in front of us and that's when we see it. Just a litte bit further away there is the clearance that is filled with grass and no longer a jungle.

The sound still continues, making Harry take action.

"C'mon. Let's see what this is," He grabs my hand and we start jogging to where the noise is coming from. We finally enter the clearance and the sight takes my breath away.

Miles and miles of graves and cold stone peeps out of the dark grass. Trees sprout up randomly and still give off the illusion of darkness. Different names are engraved on the stone and it almost kills me realizing that so many people were buried here and quite possibly- killed here.

"Oh my god," Those three simple words are the only ones I can mutter seeing all of this and Harry stays speechless next to me.

At that moment, both of us seem to notice one grave -to the far right of us- opened. From this angle I can see that there is no dirt in it and I'm scared to see what's inside.

"Should we see what it is?" He finally asks me. His eyes are clouded and of course brows furrowed in one of his many signiture looks.

"Maybe. I don't know," I visibly shake and he notices.

"It's okay. I'm right here," He tells me and I simply nod. The worst that could be in there is a dead body, probably. The keyword here is dead.

We carefully saunter over to the grave and I hear the small whispers of wind wip past my hair and into my ears. I shiver from the cool touch and silently thank god that I brought a thin cardigan. 

"I swear to lord jesus if there is a freaking zombie in there I'm going apeshit on that thing. And then I'm going apeshit on everything else here too," He chuckles and I do the same. He holds a sweet smile which causes me to laugh quietly even in all this chaos.

"I'll join you," I tell him and we both laugh again.

We appear a few feet in front of the grave but I close my eyes and I see Harry do it as well.

"Open in three. One," I silently breath. "Two," I shiver. "Three," I hold my breath and dart my eyes open.

Once I see what it is I hear both of us let out a huge sigh of relief.

I then close my eyes and dry sob for a few seconds and hug Harry. "I was so freaking scared. This is so hard," I say against the soft material of his shirt and then feel him place his chin on my head.

He let's out a sigh and hugs me tighter. "I told you, I'm here. I would have gone apeshit on it if there was something. But there's not, so it's okay," He says softly and I just breathe against him until we depart.

"Okay, stairs. So where do you think they lead,"I ask him.

"No idea. The key hopefully. This must have been the thing that made the sound. Look," He points more inside the grave and on the edge is stone that probably once covered this grave but now it reveals a staircase leading down to who knows where. "That is probably the stone that moved and lo-," He takes an intake of air and I move my eyes to where he is looking.

On the inside of the grave is the end of a coffin, wedged into the Earth, opposite side to the slab of stone. And that's when I realize that this is actually someone's grave and there is actually someone in that wooden chest. I get the sense to look at the stone a top of the grave and read the name of the owner resting in the grave but Harry beats me to it.

"In hating memory of Samuel Nielson. 1976-2014," He gasps. "Emery this is Sam's grave! In hating memory? How did this even get here?" A look of realization hits his face and it goes blank.

"The black figure," I whisper to him and gulp. It must have taken him and put him here. I fucking hate him.

He nods silently. "Emery we need to go down these steps and we need to see what it leads to," He starts pacing around and tugging at the roots of his hair. "We need to figure this shit out and we need to solve it and get the hell out of here."

"I know. I know. We-yeah- we have to do it. But, I'm scared Harry. I don't know what's down there and what if something happens to us. I don't want to-no I can't lose you," I tell him and he loosely grabs my hands and looks at me.

"You're not going to lose me. Do you understand that Emery? You're not. We're in this together now whether you like it or not. So by law you can't lose me okay?"He attempts a small laugh and a weak smile and I shakily say yes. "Once we're out of here it's going to be better but I think we have to do this in order to get there." He says sincerely.

"I understand. I'm ready."

"Okay. Careful,"

We hurry down the narrow stairs and then we reach the bottom.

And the black figure is right in front of us.

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