The Vampire Says..Im Chosen..But Why? Chapter 7

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CHAPTER 7- Am i a Monster?

My heart was pounding against my chest and my feet were stuck to the ground ; i could not move. No Serena just go. Slowly my feet shuffled towards the first step and then the second until we were swiftly walking down the staircase. Near enough like that. Its not my fault i cannot walk in high heels.

"Calm down Serena..your heart is earsplitting , you will be fine "

Then whispering in my ear and winked. We Finally finished the staircase and she lead me towards a wide hall. It was very bright and had : very delicate chandeleirs dangling from above , sparklying lights around the edges of each corners of the hall. The hall was classy and old, with yet again another row of huge seats at the back of the hall.Seated in the chairs were, the King and these four strange men who i think are the royals of the vampires.

Just a guess.

The hall was packed full of them.They were atleast three hundred of them all dancing and laughing like normal people. Typical, right now they can most likely all hear my thoughts.

As soon as i was lead into the hall , the hall went immediantly silent and people faced me , some with smiles and some with very awful glares.

"Follow me , just ignore them, they just need to get used to you first"Ophelia shrugged my arm off and held my hand as she pulled me through the stares and towards the huge chairs at the back of the room. Oh no,no please, not after what i done yesterday.

"Its ok, he forgives you" .She softly whispered in my ear with a smile. I smiled back and then she stopped and i kept my head down then, when i lifted it up , there they were. All five vampires staring at me wide-eyed.

"Serena, thank you for joining us." He said with a smile tugging on his lips.

"Please, dance, have fun , get to know us, this is all for you serena and we would love for you to appreciate it properly and get to know them.They really are lovely when you get to know them" He waited while i recovered from my shyness.

"King..thank you..i will try. " Spilling out the words,then realised how mumbled they sounded.

"Thats ok . You may go and enjoy, i will speak with you later." Then glanced towards ophelia and nodded.

She pulled me towards the corner where a group of vampire's stood impatiently staring at me. I surpose they wanted to know me.

"Yes we do...serena" I looked up and noticed a pale man gawking at me with a huge smirk spread between his lips.

"Its rude to read other people's thoughts." I smiled.

He laughed with a very intimidating laugh.

"Everyone in here has read your mind Serena..theres not one secret we do not know from you.."

I was shocked. They could see and read all of my secrets and memorys. Rude!

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