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Chapter 8...



Colourful images were blocking my view , Memorys, love and death. I am dead. Heaven was coming and a very powerful light was blocking each and every spot of earth left.I am dieing.I waited for the images to dissappear but they did not. Instead i heard faint voices which i strained to hear.They were whisper's but i could not reach them. I forced really hard to listen but there was nothing. I waited , until the voices became clearer.

"Is she ok?" The voice was faint but i could just make out whose voice it was.Ophelia's.

"Yes..her pulse is fine and she should be wakeing up soon".

I felt a soft tingle on, i think was my hand but i could not feel it. i reached for the tingle making sure i could still feel it and kept it there. The tingle was increasing and i felt it harder and harder, until i knew it was pressure on my hand. Someone was holding my hand.

"Shes awake..i can read her mind...just a little..listen" Oh great you can hear me?. If im awake why carn't i feel anything.

"Because you've been out for two days serena" I recognised that voice now it was Daniels. I felt relief in that and i felt myself relax but i did not know whether my body was relaxing or not.

"Yes..its me" He whispered softly. I forced my body trying to feel anything. Still nothing.

i reached further trying to imagine pulling on a rope and straining every inch of my bones. Then i started to slowly feel my muscles, i could hear my heart beat on the machine. My hearing was getting clearer and i was slowly able to feel my body. I was in control.

"Take your time.." No , i want to move. I pushed harder then was able to move my fingers, until i was able to move my arms , I moved them about and realised someone was still clinging onto my hand.My hand was on fire , i knew that touch, the fire , the eletrictity. i waited while my heart beat decreased then shuffled my eyes open and caught sight of the light, it was so bright it hurt my eyes.

"Open them slowly" I ignored him and shot them open realising i had more strength then i realised.

I noticed daniel sitting in a chair by my bed with his hand in mine. It made me smile knowing how close he was to me.

He fake coughed and pulled his hand away before standing up and leaning towards me. I was having a panic attack. He slowly kissed me on my forehead then leaned back into his chair. It took seconds for my mind to realise he had done it in-humanly but it still made my stomache flutter and my face flush with embarassment.

I looked away then finally took in where we were. It was a hospital?. There was several beds either side of the room including mine and the entire room was covered with medicines on shelfs and monitors. I wonder were we are?.

"Were still in the castle,do you really expect a castle not to have a hospital, we may be vampires but we do care about our health."

I nodded and then leant back starring back towards his gaze , he was stareing at me exhaustively and it was very distracting but i did not let him know that.

"What happened last night..daniel?" I had not managed to remember much of last night but the memories were not nice.

He stared at me with another intense gaze before looking away and shaking his head like he was shaking the memory away.

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