The Vampire Says..Im Chosen..But Why? Chapter 15

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Its time too find out , who this mystery man is...




"Brother..." I whispered , through my heavily breathing.

He whimpered to let him down as i signed for release.He toppled on the ground while i remained stood.

I kept my power ready , for his tricks.

"Why..." I said.

He growled.

"I'm not the same person , you once knew sister.." He spat back.

I looked at him confusingly and stepped back.

"Are you a..a..vampire?" I stuttered out.

He looked out me intensly , then nodded.

"Are you my real brother? , are you the same as me?" I asked pleadingly.

"yes..and no."He said , his eyes still fixed on my hand that was holding him slightly back.

He forced himself up onto his feet as my hand rose with his actions.

"explain.." I said , while confusion filled my thoughts.

He took in a deep breath.

"I came to kidnap you. I have not came to reunite , i have came to be who i am." He said , while his eyes dropped to the floor.

"I don't believe that.I never have,please nobody's here , just tell me" I hissed impatiently.

He shook his head in disapproval then lifted his head towards mine.

"You're real father was mine, but you're mother was not mine. I had a vampire mother. His ex-wife, before he fell in love with you're demon mother." He said the last words angrily.

"I was forced to live with you and father because my mother was executed for killing humans , causing humans to get suspicious.She never covered her tracks.She hated existence of humans, but father did."

I leveled my eyes with him as thr wind blew my hair back prth against my face.

"They sent us both to human families, but of course i only stayed for 6 years then i left and you stayed. There? I've told my story" he said unpleasantly.

"Why did you come to kidnap me?" I spoke questionly.

"When i left, the demons found me." he whispered.

A smirk grew along the lines of his lips.

"You're one of them?" I asked wearily.

He rised his arm infront of him and began to lift up his left sleeve. I signed nervously.

"What?" I asked.

"Look.." He said then pulled his arm towards her.

I looked at it through my thick eyelashes then blinked in hysterics.

"I don't understand?" I stuttered.

I peeked at it once more.

"The morgue tattoo?" I whispered through the silent wind.

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