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CHAPTER 12- You've realised were meant for eachother

I arouse from a colourful dream by a soft pinch on my shoulder. I shuddered and turned to the opposite side. I was tapped again. I stretched my body and started to yawn.

I tried to stretch more but a hard pressure on the side of my body was not allowing me to move.

I squinted for my eyes to open and rubbed my eyes clearing my vision. I looked to my left and noticed a pale figure staring at me wide-eyed.

I recognised who it was and was immediantly flustered with embarassment. I slumped my head back onto his chest and began to hide my face with the blanket.

"Have a nice sleep?" I heard his dazzling voice calling out to me.Stunning me.

I nodded and began to cover up my body , realising we was still naked.

"Ive already seen you..naked Serena" He giggled.

I looked up , deep into his crystal clear eyes and smiled.

He stopped smiling then gave a serious look , letting a frown form on his face.

I looked up confused and watched as he caught his breath.

"I love you..."

I lay there , staring at him shocked.

He looked into my eyes and continued to look deep into my eyes , my soul.

I waited , claiming the words for myself.

The way he effects me , the way i feel like i can see inside his soul. I do love him.

"i love you too.." I whispered back , looking to his chest timidly.

He pressed hisfinger tips to my chin and lifted my chin to his face.

"Why did it take us this long to figure it out?"

I waited for him to continued but a question was seeping through my mouth.

"Your engaged?" I asked , shocked from my own confidence.

He stared at me , intensily.

"I will find a way..i love you remember , not her"

I smiled , feeling his soft fingers trace the line of my jaw.

He leant towards me , making my breath deepen and my heart to pound harshly against my chest.

He pressed his light lips against my lips and we began to kiss. His lips became unstoppable and i wanted him again.

I wanted to feel his body press against mine , the way he touched me last night.

I forced my arms around his neck and began to use kiss neck and back up to his lips.

He moaned and moved my lips back to his lips. The sweet smell of his breath , made me dizzy and i began to focus on the tingles his kiss was sending me.

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