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Chapter 16- I will never become like you!

"Serena....." I heard someone whisper my name.

I moaned to signal to leave me alone.

"Serena..." The voice grew louder.

What? i moaned in my thoughts. The blackness of my sleep was lighting up and i could feel a hard forced pulling me into something. It was confusing but it felt like i was literally being forced into a none existent dream. My thoughts followed with this light that pulled me closer and closer towards something. I was almost there. The more closer i got, the more awake i felt. GET OUT! i heard something shout in my mind. Leave the dream, before its too late..late..late. The words repeated in my brain. The pressure of the dream began faster and in panic of the words, i instantly flew my eyes open.

I gasped in shock. What was that? i instinctively thought. Sweat was forming on my head and frowned in discomfort.

Dazed, i began searching around the room i was in while slowly keeping my breathing steady.

My eyes flew back and forth against each corner of the room looking for a signal of presence in the room, but it was empty.

I was alone, in a different room this time to the room i fell to sleep in. I panicked and tried to move my arms and legs. Surprisingly i could.

I felt my arms next to me,and my legs spread out on this soft mattress. I moved myself on the edge of the bed while swirling my wrists,as i remembered the chains that forced against them. I groan in pain , as i felt the deep cuts that the chains had scarred on my wrists.

"Ugh..." I complained.

I released my wrists and yet again peeked around the room. It felt eerie in sense of be-aware. The entire room felt empty apart from this small mattress that was pushed against the corner.

There was only a dim light coming from the dreary curtains on the other side of the room. I shuddered to think to walk over there.

I signed in pain and pulled myself off of the dusty mattress that was laid out for me. It may not have been for me personally, may even be for unwanted guests. Yes that seemed right, i was unwanted yet still here.

I stretched my muscles and felt the sharp pain ripple through my arms and legs. What a nice way to wake up in the morning.

As i tried to move my legs , i heard a rattle of chains move. I froze and looked down towards the sound. Beneath me was a thick silver chain , rapped around my right leg. I rolled my eyes.

"What a shocker there" I whispered to myself.

As i tried to move my right leg, i felt the chain pull on it. It was heavy, but only again if you was human.

I pulled harder and was feeling my self walking. The chain gave leeway for me. I smiled and began to head towards the window.

I could not remember the last time i had saw daylight. I mean for all i know, i could've been sleeping for more than 48 hours.

Well it felt like i had a pretty good damn sleep, because i felt more awake and aware of everything.

I pulled harder towards the curtains, i felt a light draft coming from the curtains. The corner of the netting , swayed back and forth and i breathed in the air that was now close enough to smell.

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