Amourshipping : One Day Off by QuirkQuartz
Amourshipping : One Day Offby QuirkQuartz
Ash decides to just take one day off. Just one. But you'd be surprised how much can change in one day. It was never the relaxing day Ash wanted. But he wouldn't have cha...
  • fluffy
  • childhoodshipping
  • pokemon
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The Unbreakable Bond: A Pokemon XYZ continuation (Amourshipping) by awesomeasim
The Unbreakable Bond: A Pokemon AwesomeAsim
After defeating Team Flare and Parting their separate ways, Ash, Serena and their Pokemon still share a bond that goes beyond Regions. Join Ash Ketchum's journey as he g...
  • kanto
  • satosere
  • sinnoh
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Serena x Male reader (Pokémon X and Y) by pacquiao27
Serena x Male reader (Pokémon X Tactical Triscuit
You finally make it to the Kalos region and you encounter an old friend of yours, and the Pokémon Leauge isn't the only thing on your mind
  • pokemonxy
  • pokemonxyz
  • pikachu
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Pokemon School (Amourshipping Story) by SawyerKamiya
Pokemon School (Amourshipping Sawyer
Imagine returning home from an exciting journey in a far away region to discover you'll be moving! Stepping foot back into Pallet Town, Ash Ketchum a sixteen year old Po...
  • clemont
  • pikachu
  • amourshipping
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Back Together ( Amourshipping ) by Rowlet_Master
Back Together ( Amourshipping )by Rowlet_Master
FINISHED STORY Summary: Both Ash and Serena find themselves thinking about each other and wishing they were reunited. After a few days, something sets the wheels in moti...
  • ash
  • alola
  • serena
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Our After Story {ON HOLD} by madashgoku
Our After Story {ON HOLD}by Madhava Rao
What will Ash do after he finishes his travels to all the regions ? Will he give up ? Or will he never give up till the end and try again ? An Amourshipping Story
  • champion
  • korrina
  • ashxserena
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Together - Amourshipping (Completed) by ShadowofUmbreon
Together - Amourshipping ( Shadow
*COMPLETE* When the Kanto region comes under attack, the Royal family, The Ketchum's, are taken Prisoner. The heir to the throne, Ash Ketchum is the only one to escape w...
  • pokemon
  • serena
  • together
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Hard To Get (An Amourshipping Story) by SloxTheDlox
Hard To Get (An Amourshipping Sloxy
A new teenage boy, age 16 to be precise, has just arrived in Kalos under orders from the Kanto Protection Association and is attending the Lumiose High School. This new...
  • serena
  • serenaxash
  • amourshipping
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Destiny Rebirth by DestinyProduction
Destiny Rebirthby Destiny Productions
5 years after Ash's death, the ultimate Pokémon tournament is being held. All the best trainers are competing in it. A mystery masked trainer suddenly appears and intens...
  • pikachu
  • serena
  • pokemon
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Jasper's Deaf Mate (1) by JasperMate1863
Jasper's Deaf Mate (1)by River
Serena is Bella Swan's deaf 16 year old little sister, who dislikes nothing more than hearing people. What would happen when she meets Jasper Hale, the only hearing boy...
  • mate
  • esme
  • twilight
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Pokemon Academy: Bonds of Love (Amourshipping) by KitsuneChiSan
Pokemon Academy: Bonds of Love ( Kitsune
Ash Ketchum has been accepted into a prestigious school called Kizuna Academy. At first, he was reluctant to attend school because he wanted to continue traveling, but h...
  • ashxserena
  • pokemon
  • romance
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Amourshipping: Lifeless by Pika_Amour
Amourshipping: Lifelessby PikaAmour
After yet another defeat in the League, Ash breaks down mentally. He felt this was the year he would win - even with the strong team of his - he managed to scupper on th...
  • broken
  • amourshipping
  • greninja
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Kamen Rider Kabuto X Senki Zesshou Symphogear (Male Reader Insert) by Fenix1475
Kamen Rider Kabuto X Senki Fenix1475
With the threat to Humanity known as the Worms now gone, a new threat came. The Noise. Ending up in a new Dimension, Y/N L/N takes on the mantle of a Kamen Rider. His na...
  • kirika
  • senkizesshousymphogear
  • kamenriderkabuto
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The Protégée by MoonlitDusk
The Protégéeby MoonlitDusk
ℛOMANCE / ℋISTORICAL ℱICTION Historical Fiction #183 {8/8/2014} Forever alone is impossible if you are a woman. They will grab you, they will take you and for better or...
  • eric
  • 1800s
  • greed
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Coffee With A Little Cream --- Avery Christopher Gilmore ❤ by mrsamgreer
Coffee With A Little Cream --- Amber Greer
Avery Christopher Gilmore. Dancer, Academic, Hopeless Romantic, Dreamer. Gilmore Girl. Her life as a Gilmore Girl has been anything but ordinary. Raised by a single mo...
  • emily
  • lorelai
  • gilmoregirls
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Lumiose high - The betrayed champion by pika__amour
Lumiose high - The betrayed pika__amour
~Highest rank-801 in fanfiction~ A young man , framed for crimes he never would have dreamed of doing and betrayed by those he once considered as his friends returns aft...
  • kalos
  • amourshipping
  • betrayed
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Amourshipping High - The Hero Returns  (Major Editing) by Amourboy15
Amourshipping High - The Hero MESSI
A teenage 18 year old girl named Serena, living in Kalos and goes to high meeting her friends Dawn, May, Misty and Iris. She also meets Gary, Paul, Drew, Cilan and etc...
  • fanfiction
  • marrisonshipping
  • pokemon
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Lizard's Sparkle by roxybx
Lizard's Sparkleby Rum Queen
Book 2 of West Coast Witches. See Kitty's Witch for book 1. Lucian was a bad, bad dragon. Kicked out of the Goddess' favor because of his vain, selfish, anti-social, je...
  • magic
  • serena
  • cat
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Royalty ➳ Archibald  by cherrywriting-
Royalty ➳ Archibald by ON HIATUS
What will become of Alaska May Bass when she barges into her older brother's life to make herself known to him. She wants him to be apart of her life just as much as she...
  • archibald
  • may
  • gossipgirl
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Kalos Redone  by PokeBall252
Kalos Redone by PokeBall252
Serena finally takes the guts to confess to Ash while the latter wins the Kalos a way. Delia reveals her true nature of work and Ash takes a new and a rathe...
  • satosere
  • ash
  • aasl
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