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It was getting late and the landscape was thick in the midst.There were party people all around me; all drunk. The first night i arrive back to london and already im standing here left all alone;thanks Angela. I looked around seeing threw the crowded people.They purposely shove you against the corners of the room when you're trying to get through them!

I headed straight to the toilet with an urge of panic. I managed to wedge my way through the crowd towards the dull toliets which seemed to be very small compared to this mad room.

I reached the bathroom door and slowly pushed the toliet door open hoping nobody was in there , for my luck it was deserted. I slowly reached my way towards the mirror, knowing how i would look; sweaty and a mess. I switched the light on and noticed a pale figure looking straight towards the broken mirror. She had long curled,delicate black hair which reached down towards her waste with big hazel eyes. The figure had a thin pale face with long thick eyelashes and light bags under her eyes. Typical thats the problem staying up late you look like you haven't slept for days. Yes, the figure was me.

After seconds of gazing at myself in the over-sized mirror, I headed straight down the corridor towards the party.  I had only been in the bathroom less than five minutes ; already there were three times the amount of people then there was before i went to the bathroom.   

I dodged the crowd heading straight to the door knowing its time to tell mom to pick me up. Great . Just as i reached the outside step i felt a heavy hand press against my shoulder which hauled me back. It felt icy cold threw my thick vest coat which sent shivers down my spine. I quickly pulled my balance back and slowly swiveled round. I tardily looked up observing the body which had dragged me.I was about to protect myself ,when i was captivated by him.  

He was astonishingly weird but i continued to stare: his thick black boots, his long blue jeans, his thick black belt and his deep blue vest shirt ,which was covered by his perfect-fitted black ,leather jacket. His muscular body showing were his vest shirt was unbuttoned. His skin was pale white, way whiter than my pale skin ,i wouldnt even compare mine to his. His lips were a perfect red tasty shape. His eyes, his eyes were like crystal white diamonds which were imbedded into his eyes. His dark lush black hair was covering half of his eye; very distracting.My heart rate began to increase and my heart continued thudding against my rib cages.

"You need a ride home?" His husky voice touched something inside of me .My voice was motionless.

Moments passed which felt like years with him and i reclaimed my voice.  

" erm..no thanks my mums coming." Still staring deep into his eyes.

A grin formed on the tips of his lips.

"Ok ..Well I'll see you around."  

Quickly but sexily he strolled away from me without even giving me a goodbye glance.  

I thought he liked me? Typical. I was beautiful in the sense of high school. Also sexy to the boys who happened to be jerks.When it came down to how to treat a women, my boyfriend was just as heart-less as the rest. High school love is is too confusing.

" Serena Luceous...what are you doing out here and not in their partying with all the sexy men?"  

Angela. I spinned my head round realising she was behind me with a drunken smile whithering on her lips.I rolled my eyes.

"i have a boyfriend, and oh sorry but did you have to get out of your party mode to come looking for me? Its not like i've had a rough month and already you persuade me to a party.I'm going home. " I stared intensly at her, waiting for her reaction.  

Angela was very predictable. A loving girl on the inside, but a party mad girl on the inside.

"Oh, im so sorry Serena.I'll drive you home?" She said while sobering up her act and rubbing her eyes.

She remained silent, giving me her innocent look.I smiled back, realizing how easily forgiving i could be towards her.The distant light  skimmed the tips of her eyes, as she stared at me sadly with her intense green eyes. The face was too adorable. She sweeped her black hair behind her shoulders hesitantly.

" Er...its ok Angela,i'll get my mom to pick me up."I whispered not looking at her directly. She would not be forgiven just yet.  

She smiled back while softly waving at me.I raised my arm to wave but before i could react she had already gone back to the party. She was amazing at getting what she wanted. I could not doubt her. It was my mother's turn to argue now.  I dialed my mother's number; it echoed repeatedly three times.

"Hello? hunny Serena is that you , are you OK? how are you? are you hurt?"  My mother is so over-protective towards me.

"Yeah , mum im fine i just need you to pick me up. Im at the Candlelit party"  She stuttered for a moment regaining her words.  

"Oh..I thought you was too young for that party?"  Oh damn. I forgot the age. I quickly came up with a thoughtless lie.  

"Oh its for fifthteen to eighteen years tonight mom, i thought you knew .Anyways can you pick me up im freezing down here" I was only seventeen...

"Oh im sorry hunny, im on my way stay right there;love you hunny"  

"Yes mom..love you too.."

She took a few moments before hanging up.

My thoughts slowly faded off my mother and onto the mysterious guy i met; he was scary, that was for sure. Heck, he reminded me of a beautiful mysterious seriel killer! Ha!

My thought drifted towards the night of the accident...

I waited impatiently before realising that thinking about the accident made tears form in my eyes. Oh no.Not now, i kept that thought far beneath my heart and my mind.It wasn't my faultm i used ot repeat to myself. Deep down i knew it was.

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