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Daniel's POV

The anger was running threw her blood, her blood in which her power was thirsting for. Her power was building fast with as much energy as it could gain from her blood. It gained power also from us , it obsorbs any power in which it is in the same room as. I could not feel my power being used but i knew it would effect me if i tried to do anything.

Her eyes bulged then turned to the back of head showing fully black eyes with no pupils, just the eyes of energy.

Her body was vibrating with the wind while a huge dark cloud formed around her creating a misty view for only humans to loose themselves in.Suddenly she froze in place , then the energy she was evolving shot threw her hands sending a electric wave out of her hands towards my father.

He had no second to move as the electric bolt was faster than his speed. The electric current caught up to him sending him flying towards the big windows. The windows were non-breakable so therefore it forced him back sending him towards the ground, just as he hit the ground it sent a huge crack in the ground and also forcing it to shake. Before i could reach my father he was up and speeding towards Serena. I also used the advantage of my speed to catch up with her just as she was about to fall.

Her delicate body was lightly touching my chest, her body was so humanly breakable that i could not wrap my head around the fact that this beauiftul human was more powerful then even the rarest demon and vampire alive. Her skin was so pale now that the power had took most of her energy . At this moment in time she was too confused to be able to control the power herself, so it gains everytime she looses her temper. Soon she will be able to control it but that will be her decision because no matter how hard we will try , she will never trust us after kidnapping her, which was not our intention at all.

Her body was so softly pressed against mine so i would not wake her , i used my speed to take her to her room, it only took seconds to get to her room then gently place her on her bed, while coverering the sheets over her. She lightly groaned and tilted to the side before softly snoring in a synchronised rythme. Her heart beat was not very different from human and vampire; It was almost natural but just missed a normal humans heart beat by a milli second.

Slowly walking towards the door , the floor creaked where i stepped and she muffled in her sleep before quitely snoring again.

She looked so beauiftul while she slept , i could have watched her sleep all night but i could not do that because if she saw me here she would be totally freaked and also because i am the prince, not her guardian. However i have a strange proud feeling to be able to protect her, but i quickly cleared that thought and headed towards my bedroom before glancing back towards her door and realising the door was not shut so i decided to head back to her door in human speed this time , i could not waste my energy today.

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