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Serena POV-

I woke up to find myself back in my room, i was still in shock from the night before but i had to get used to this sort of stuff. For some reason i was thankful that i had killed him because, he killed loads of innocent people when he did not have to. It made sense in my mind.

I forced my lazy body towards the shower and bathed myself in the hot water. It cleared my mind and numbed all my bruises and cuts.

This week had been a heck of a week!

There was no denying, that this is my life now because, i can tell i fit with them; there my family now.

I dressed myself and looked in the mirror, i looked decent enough for running about.

Daniel had let a note on my bedside cabinet when i woke and it said,


You will start your lessons at 10 am in the morning,

please be ready and i will come for you.


I was ready for 10am and then i waited impatiently, i was for some reason excited. It was the first actual normal day i will have because, i used to go to school. However i know this learning is going to be way different.

I waited , while seconds passed then i heard a light creak of the door opening and standing there was Daniel.

He was wearing a vest shirt which showed his hot muscular body and baggy shorts , showing his amazing pale legs.

"Hey.." I whispered and he smiled.

He seemed happier then he did last night.

"Follow me" He said , still grinning

I followed him down the staircase , in normal pace then he stopped and turned around.

"I want you to try something first"

I nodded and waited.

"I'm going to dissapear to were we are going and i want you to focus and follow my scent to track me down"

I nodded , still confused.

"Just smell me first, take in my scent"

I slowly walked towards him then lent near his chest and inhaled his scent.

He smelt of lavender. It was an amazing scent , which made my mouth literally water! so i continued to smell.

"Ok..now memorize it , and let yourself focus on that one scent.

I focused my mind and remembered his smell , how i could i not?

"Ok..now i will dissapear and i want you to follow my scent, if you do not come , i will assume you cannot find me and i will find you "

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