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It had been a entire week and my lessons continued as they were.I had no problems except for Bria.She was easily dealt with.

Daniel and Nick helped me train but Daniel seemed keen to get me alone all the time. I was determined to know what he wnated to tell me , but Nick was always there , lately he has never left me alone , accept for now. His out hunting with with some of the other vampires.

So here i was , Nick free and sitting in my bedroom reading this book that i had collected from the library here.I know , hey have a library?, shocking.

Nick was with my everyday that it felt lonely without his annoying personality. Which i had now grown to get used to. I needed to speak with Daniel , it would be the only time to. I knew he would be in his bedroom, either listening to his music or with Bria. Jealousy was all i was gaining from seeing her , everytime i see them together it makes me sick. I also needed to think of a plan , to hurt her were she hurt me.

I decided to see what Daniel had wanted to tell me , but never actually said it. I tip-toed to his door then started to hear some moaning sounds coming from the room, is he hurt or something?

I shoved the door open and was immediantly regretting what i had just done. The view was revolting. Daniel was on top of a blonde pale skinned bitch. He was liplocking with her while he was feeling her boobs. I was discusted and quickly covered my eyes.

I looking through my fingers noticing , Bria was staring at me with a huge smirk on her face. Daniel looked up shocked and immediantly let go of her boob.

I was stil in shock but also more forzen from the fact he was wearing no top.

"Get out..Serena!!" Bria hissed. Daniel too nodded for me to go.

"Im..sorry..i.." Before i could speak i quickly shut the door and paced towards my bedroom.

When i arrived to my bedroom , Nick was sitting on my bed , tapping his foot impatiently. He looked up at my face and stared at me wide-eyed.

"What happened? are you ok?" I nodded and then realised i was crying. I lifted my hands to my face and wiped away the tears which was hanging on my cheeks.

" fine..just poked myself in the eye. Silly me! "

He stared at me with the crease ofhis eyebrows.

"You poked yourself in both eyes?"

I stood there thinking of another lie but he interrupted me.

"Oh..if you do not want to tell me, its fine" He smiled.

I weakly smiled back then sat next to him on the bed and rested my head against his shoulders.

He stiffened for a moment butthen relaxed after a while.

"so..what do you want to do today?"

I shook my head , still having the memory of what i had just saw. How it had made me so jealous? why did i feel that way ? He's nothing to me , so why does he effect me in that way?

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