Eternity in the Darkness [Eternity series #2] by ash_knight17
Eternity in the Darkness [ Ash
Note: Read the book 'Eternity in the castle' before you read this one. He buried his nose in the crook of my neck and I felt his warm breath on my skin. "I love you...
  • angels
  • love
  • vampire
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Blood Gang (M|M, COMPLETE) by Reaper8439979
Blood Gang (M|M, COMPLETE)by Reaper
Eridan smirked, blood red eyes glinting dangerously. His mouth was stained in a familiar red substance, and the shadows seemed to curl around him like a pet saying hello...
  • blood
  • love
  • vampire
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Shadow Wolf [Vol. I] by CCGillings
Shadow Wolf [Vol. I]by C.C. Gillings
Penny was living a normal life before she found out she was a pure heart. Coveted by the vampires and most importantly the Shadow Wolf she finds herself in the center of...
  • alpha
  • series
  • supernatural
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Shadows Rising (Darkness Falls Book 2) by Bella_Higgin
Shadows Rising (Darkness Falls Bella_Higgin
After a lifetime of violence and bloodshed, Kiara Morrow has found happiness. It's been a month since she left her vampire hunting roots behind, and started a new life w...
  • young-adult
  • paranormal
  • vampires
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In the Shadows ~ zayn au ~ Completed ✅ by MyLifeIsForfeit
In the Shadows ~ zayn au ~ ~K~
~Life's not fair when love could start a war~ A timeless tale of forbidden love emerges in the 1650s. And their love not only affects them, but the future of their warri...
  • niallhoran
  • elysium
  • love
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The Wretched and Divine Series Book I: The Unspoken ✔ {#Wattys2016} by BrittanyLe3
The Wretched and Divine Series Misaki & CatLoves_BVB
A story where a confused and broken girl falls into the arms of a fallen angel; a dark, cryptic creature by the name of Andy Biersack. What will become of them in a worl...
  • god
  • black
  • angels
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THE ORACLE'S OMEN - the third book in the True Destiny Chronicles by sarsar14
THE ORACLE'S OMEN - the third C.P.W.
~ Book Three ~ "It's your decision who you become." The small town of Ostwall never saw much excitement - not until a group of curious kids uncover a mysteriou...
  • fear
  • action
  • mystery
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Creepypasta Rituals by Spooky_Nightmare
Creepypasta Ritualsby .Nattsvermer.
Creepypasta Rituals, I don't own any of this stories or experiences. Do them if you are brave enough. WARNING: be careful with your decisions, is dangerous to do this r...
  • death
  • horror
  • darkness
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Shadows (Solangelo) by dani2511
Shadows (Solangelo)by Dani
A Solangelo Fanfiction Book #1 After the war Nico Di Angelo plans on leaving Camp Half-Blood to start a new life and maybe be happy again. But what happens when a certai...
  • pjo
  • nicosolace
  • hoo
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Shadows inside Her (Peter Pan OUAT-Fanfic) by Emily_the_strange13
Shadows inside Her (Peter Pan Emily_the_strange13
Peter Pan fanfiction.
  • songs
  • ouat
  • fantasy
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Shadow Wolf [Vol. II] by CCGillings
Shadow Wolf [Vol. II]by C.C. Gillings
Penny was living an ordinary life before she found out she was a pure heart. Coveted by the vampires and most importantly the Shadow Wolf she found herself in the center...
  • multimedia
  • magic
  • wattpadseries
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Percy Jackson is The shadows by _THESadieKane_
Percy Jackson is The shadowsby _THESadieKane_
Percy leaves camp and meets people who change his life. He gains family and friends he never thought he would. But what happens when part of his family starts turning ag...
  • nicodiangalo
  • jackson
  • anew
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Protecting What's Mine(Complete) by BelindaPeters-Waine
Protecting What's Mine(Complete)by Belinda Waine
I had a choice. Either way I was losing them though. But I'd rather they keep breathing. Living a life without me. So I protected them. Faked my death. It was the on...
  • gabriel
  • bird
  • shadows
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Light To My Darkness (El Diablo Love Story) by 90sStunna
Light To My Darkness (El Diablo 😈
Jeta Swift, daughter of the legendary master of the shadows Richard Swift AKA The Shade. She was born with the ability to manipulate/control darkness/shadows. Once, she...
  • gotham
  • batman
  • wattys2017
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Living In Love  by xxDolllxx
Living In Love by Shruti Rout
|SEQUEL TO "Mine to love"| But can be read without Book 1. Highest Ranking- #4 in Fanstasy [23/03/2018] "Some things are meant to be hidden from view. Som...
  • friendship
  • fantasy
  • laugh
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Forbidden Shadows (Dramione) by CloakedShadows
Forbidden Shadows (Dramione)by CloakedShadows
Hermione Granger though that Draco Malfoy was gone from her life for good, but when she has to plan his wedding, feelings change. will she be able to get over past fail...
  • harry
  • weasely
  • forbidden
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Life Magic by Leoduhvinci
Life Magicby Leo Petracci
There exist seven forms of magic. And there exist six races, each given mastery of one of the forms and a basic understanding of the others. Together they built great...
  • adventure
  • fantasy
  • magic
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Shadows Of My Own (Young Justice Fanfiction) by IFeelSomeKindOfWay
Shadows Of My Own (Young Justice Jade Simpson
No one knows who the Shadow is, she disappears just as quickly as she comes. So what will happen when she is given the opportunity to be part of a group of young superhe...
  • youngjustice
  • sidekicks
  • brucewayne
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Band Smut & Imagines & preferences (Requests Open) by Little_Mrs_Horror69
Band Smut & Imagines & Little_Mrs_Horror69
Its a book full of, well. . . read the title
  • romance
  • manson
  • love
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Shadows by Kathryn2468
Shadowsby Kathryn
It's been three months since Clarke left Camp Jaha, three months of being all alone in the woods, and three months of nightmares that never seem to leave. Clarke has alm...
  • lexa
  • clarkegriffin
  • shadows
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