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A New Take on Harry Potter by stormfan1393
A New Take on Harry Potterby stormfan1393
What would happen if someone took baby Harry from the Dursley’s before they’d even taken him in? If someone came after Dumbledore, Mcgonagall, & Hagrid had left? What if...
  • malfoy
  • snape
  • pomfrey
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The moon goddess & her replacement  by suzanna_lynn25
The moon goddess & her replacement by suzanna_lynn25
The sequel to the omega and the beta, Nova and Nora are 19 years old and live in the black moon pack. Danger lurks in the shadows. "the shadows" as the call th...
  • shadows
  • action
  • werewolves
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Shadow Creatures∆Death By Sun Fire by True_Slytherin_Heir
Shadow Creatures∆Death By Sun Fireby Asena Wolf
The creatures of the shadow realm have been almost completely forgotten. A hidden community has a legend of the one that will save the shadows. The shadows are immortal...
  • magic
  • sun
  • legend
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A Shadow's Heart by ShaniFoxx
A Shadow's Heartby Fox
Jael Carter and her faithful partner, Seberus, a five foot tall husky-wolf mix, have been whisked away from their small, aloof town to a secret academy for the 'gifted'...
  • teens
  • shadow
  • heart
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A Ghost In Love by LoveSkylyre
A Ghost In Loveby Skylar
Most of the people do not believe in ghosts And They do not believe in Love! Do you think that they will harm us? Do you think they help us? Don't you think they are a...
  • sad
  • alive
  • romance
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Shadows: A Hunger Games Story by peachyrosebud
Shadows: A Hunger Games Storyby peachyrosebud
I live in District 2 I will train until I'm eighteen then volunteer for the 23rd Hunger Games I want to win I need to win I'm Kayleigh Mason I never wanted any of this
  • district2
  • career
  • 23rdhungergames
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Shadows by Shadowlight49
Shadowsby Shadowlight49
A poem describing my personal beliefs upon the concept of the shadows that fill our lives.
  • inspire
  • poem
  • shadows
Just a dream by inksans46
Just a dreamby inksans46
this is a story with my OCs so yeah
  • love
  • murder
  • ocs
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What Lurks Beneath  by kammiekazzie
What Lurks Beneath by -ɱɑɾɨ ♡
Lifting my arm, I place my palm on his forehead and feel the darkness move through my veins. Like slick oil it quickly moves through my body and into the pores of my fir...
  • romance
  • unexpected
  • alone
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La leyenda de Rivaddell by nessashadows
La leyenda de Rivaddellby NessaShadows
Dante es un joven soñador al que solo le queda su hermana y las viejas historias que su padre le contaba todas las noches antes de dormir, las cuales le ayudan a evadirs...
  • nessa
  • drama
  • shadows
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A Rain of Shadows (Demons and Shadows #1) by darkflame02
A Rain of Shadows (Demons and FlorenceK.B.
UNDER REWRITING! 1st place in the Freedom Awards 2017 Horror/Pranormal. 2nd place in the Golden Star Awards Horror. "When your true self is always hidden by masks h...
  • highfantasy
  • romance
  • fantasyadventure
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Wake Up by rpgmastergirl
Wake Upby rpgmastergirl
"Wake up!" Dad shouted from down stairs, yes a new day in the hell of school. Hazel has been depressed ever since her mother died but her world changes when sh...
  • sleep
  • ghosts
  • shadows
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Open Shadows by Dark_Scrreams
Open Shadowsby C.H.R.I.S
My shadows open and stretch until darkness lingers.
  • night
  • supporter
  • shortstory
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Iridescent Indifference by UnsparklyUnicorn
Iridescent Indifferenceby (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ Yasmin
After inherently dealing with a sort of affinity that Donia still has yet to understand, she is driven to the very precarious edge of insanity and has to take the time t...
  • depression
  • gift
  • social
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Poems about the life and feelings that surround us... by dark-angel
Poems about the life and Mahin
Poems which have been inspired by what I have seen around me and have felt inside myself-life has various stages-some joyful some sad-much of the sadness is inevitable a...
  • hearts
  • pistols
  • tough
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Shadows Envoy by ZachJRR
Shadows Envoyby ZachJRR.
James Sharp is your typical 15-year kid in England. Getting ignored in school, doing a boring paper round and stumbling upon a group of men with a dismembered body.
  • adventure
  • fantasy
  • teen
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Dreams and Nightmares by black_the_lion
Dreams and Nightmaresby Be Impossible
We've always been taught that no matter how bad the nightmare. It's not real. It's not, right? Persephone Prescott has always been normal, but in her dreams she...
  • illusions
  • hunted
  • shadows
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