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We was speeding down a dark road , with no headlights on , just Daniel's skin glow as a soothing lamp. His focused

look was depressing me , but did not let that spoil , maybe my last time with him.

I shuffled closer to him and lay my hand on his knee. He gasped and looked up with a lustful smile.

"How long left?" I asked while facing towards the road.

"Now.." He said then took a sharp turn towards the right and stopped.

"Oh?" I said then looked up as he was pulling the keys out and then suddenly outisde by my door , opening it.

"Stop doing that!" I whispered.

He giggled then touched my hand to pull me off my seat.

We had collected all of our stuff and we was now heading towards the dark and misty forest which was now surrounding us.

He stopped by a near by lake and stood there staring at the view infront of us. I looked up from the floor and was giving

the same look of amusement.

"Its beautiful isn't it" He uttered.I just slowly nodded in agreement.

The bright full moon was shining bright in the sky. The lake took the moon's relfection like a butterfly effect.

The lake was flowing slowly , keeping the delicate figure of the moon.The stars shone just above the moon , making

the sky a beauiftul sight for my eyes to be lost in. I looked towards daniel to find him staring in a deep gaze at the lake

He looked breath-takingly beautiful with the moon's light relfecting off his already pale skinned face. His eyes matched with the

shine as it glistened softly around his eye lids.My heart started to beat faster , the more i became lost into his beauty.

I felt a soft touch on my hand. I looked down and saw Daniel's hands gently placed into my hand. I smiled with our hands

then began to sit down , pulling him with me. He followed then craddled me into his chest.

"Your my life now , and i will protect you with it" He whispered , setting his voice with the smoothing sound of the lake.

I looked up into his dazzling crystal eyes then leaned into his delicious lips.

I began to kiss him as he fitted in with the kiss.

We kissed for a while then broke appart.

We started to set up the tent and things that we needed in order to sleep but before i could even reach for the tent,

Daniel had already it in his hands and moving about in a fast posture. I stood there nervously as i watched him set up the tent.

He stopped , gasping for a non-intended breath then pulled hishands up gesturing towards the work he had done/

I smiled and fell into his grasp.

We lay down in the tent , watching yet again the exquisite landscape.

"Daniel..i want you to bite me.." I whispered in his ear.

He looked down and frowned with a confused expression.

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