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CHAPTER 9- Your Evil

The view was sickening . My heart was racing and i could feel her life being taken away from her.There standing in my view was a daunting male vampire. His eyes were fixed on this young female,fragile human. She looked so innocent , she was scared but he did not care. He just kept staring at her ,circling her; waiting for her to try and escape. He would enjoy that. I could tell by his eyes that he wanted a game.I needed to help her but i did not know how. He had already bit her on the left side of her neck where blood poured from the hole's he left her.He was going to kill her , her skin was turning lifeless but he had stopped and now he is taunting her. She cannot move she is capitvated by him. Shes holding her neck where the bite mark is but it just keeps pouring with blood. The vampire male looks deep into her eyes.

"I want you to fight me, i want you to be scared of me. Fear me!" He shouts with so much pleasure but with fury.

The command in his voice forces her up and immediantly she storms towards him with a dazed look on her face.

He grabs her by her leg and drags her into a wall. My body goes rigid and i instantly feel weak.She screams in agony and then a crack.I could smell by the blood she had broken her two ribs and her leg. The force was powerful but yet he still doesn't give up; he just laughs.

I was terrified because i wanted her blood but also because i needed to help her. My throat was burning and my heart was pounding ,skipping beats on the way.

Without a thought i realise my legs are towing me towards the room.

As soon as the creak of the door introduces my presence, the male turns straight towards me still leaving his mocking grin.

"Well,well look who we have here..our little serena." He continues to stare impatiently , waiting for my actions.

Anger starts to pulse through me and instead of trying to stop my energy i force it, this girl needs my help. I close my eyes focusing on the energy which is developing inside my body.

I open my eyes revealing the male looking at me intensively , waiting.

"You chose the wrong day to take a human life" A huge smirk spreads across my face and i realise, i'm no longer nice.

My body starts to vibrate causing the floor to also vibrate. The heat radiating from me startles the human. She gasps in shock then pulls herself closer to the corner staying far as possible from me. I agree to it and focus on killing the evil infront of me.

"si si muore assassino."(you will die you murderer) My voice was demanding in which i could not understand.

"Ora lei può torturato dal potere di me." (Now you may be tortured by me)The words were flowing out of my mouth like someone else's voice.

Panic started to effect both the human and vampire but every thought was being over-powered.

A huge oval of energy was pulsed out of my mouth then hit the male vampire so fast he could not react.

It hit him , it turned him instantly to ashes , leaving a pile of ashes on the wooden floor.

His scream faded into the ash and the cloud which was hoverering over him was pulled towards the human , it wanted to kill her too.

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