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It was pitch black again and i was running; there was nobody there. I had the urge to run , there was something after me but i did not know what. The ground beneath me was dirt and every step i took the dirt slowly became rocks. Then i was no longer in a dark forest i was on a beach, a misty beach. The follower was hidden i could feel its fear of the water , before i could think , my feet were running towards the water.When i touched the water , i could not feel it , All i could do was hear it and taste the saltyness.

The hunter was watching me ; waiting for me.

"You may be able to control your dreams to protect yourself but when i find you , out of this dream ,you will not know how to protect yourself. You have the power but you have no idea how to use it! .Ahahaha, i will find you serena and when i do , I WILL KILL YOU!"

His voice faded into nothing and i was suddenly awoken.


My heart was accelerating and sweat was forming all over my body. I was in shock from a dream. It was not real serena. It carnt be?.

If it was a dream then why did he manage to say those words. It was my dream i could've stopped him but he seemed to control himself and i seemed to control my scenary. What if he was coming to get me , i must warn the others.

Just than all of the memorys from last night flooded back to me. Oh No?!. This is all real , this world is no longer a naturally formed life but a fantasy.

These thoughts were giving me a headache , i needed some air.

But before i could stand up i realised where i was. I was back in my 'new' bedroom.Who brought me up here. Then i remembered fainting and having darkness surround me but then felt like someone was holding me , holding me softly and how that touch made my skin burn but in a sensational way.

Who made my skin feel that way or was that just my mind playing tricks with me?.

I slowly got up making sure i was not dizzy , but surprisingly i wasen't. I wanted to try something but what if they could hear me. I bet they can read my mind right now.STUPID VAMPIRES. Yes you better of heard that. Then i was curious about something, If im 'surposedly' a vampire then. why not try be a vampire?.

I stood there focusing on my walking and nothing but my walking; i made myself want to run to the door. I started to run but not in the way i wanted it to go, i ended up just walking normal so i repeated to myself, I want to run in a in-human speed . Then after several seconds i relaxed my muscles and run again before realising i was already at the door. I gasped

"OH..MY...GOSH...Did i just...?"

Before i could answer my question, i burst out in laughter.

What is wrong with me. Why am i laughing. I stopped before regaining normalness. I was so happy i could really run faster than any human person and i had never done it before. But then i remembered the kings words. "We must tell you now, your regaining your powers". Oh so ive only just started to get them now that im having temper tantrums. I wonder why i cannot hear good yet. I wonder why i. I stopped and gasped.

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