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My head was pounding and my eyes were hurting from trying to open my eyes. When my eyes opened , i was in a dark, small room, it had black curtains covering each huge window. Also there was a bed across the side of the room shoved up the corner , It was a single bed with dark and old blue sheets on top of it ; the room looked haunted in a weird way. The door then flew into sight , it looked locked buti it was worth a try to get out of here, i will do anything right now. I did not know where i was, all i remember was something grabbing me from behind and making the wind fly past me , loosing my breath and causing me to pass out.

There was a creak outside the door then light echo's of voices from downstairs. Oh no what if there here to take advantage of me , what if there going to hurt me or worse kill me. My heart beat started to excelerate and i had to take deep breaths to calm myself down.

"Calm down serena..whats the worst gonna happen,if they kill me they kill me but atleast ill be with my father." I took great advantage of that thought because i desserved to die at that percise moment.

Suddenly the door slowly creaked open,with every inch the door opened i took light steps back making sure i was shoved up towards the corner. Then a tall man walked in , he had a long black silk cloak on which covered every part of his body and face, so the identity was unoticed,

He slowly walked towards me. Oh no whats he going to do? is he going to hurt me. I looked away making sure my face and back was towards the wall.

"Im not going to hurt you serena..and im not going to do anything to you, i just need to talk with you please?"

His voice was familar in a strange way, how did he know my name? and how did he know exactly what i was saying in my mind.

"How can i believe you , you kidnapped me!"

Tears shot straight down my face. Its too late i cannot stop them now.

"Trust me i did not kidnap you, i just needed you to come with me because you would have never came with me if i had turned up and asked you"

He had a very good point there.

"Yes because your a stranger to me and you still are"

i kneeled down in the corner making sure my head was leaning against my knee's so i could not see him and started crying into my knee's. Atleast he wont see me cry but accept maybe hear me.

"Don't cry please, i need you to come with me. There is much to talk about ; i promise i will not hurt you"

He gently showed his hand , reassuring me that i was safe but i did not trust him, so i quickly got up and walked past him making sure he was following and headed towards the hallway. I was too scared to go but if there planning on killing me then i might as well get on with it.

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