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Finally it's the weekend and the plan is too relax in the backgarden and read my book 'Fallen'.

The rest of week pasted fast and people slowly started to get over my arrival and focusing on themselves , as usual , but im happy to be finally back and accepted once again. I spoke to Chris and we apologised and made up, We made love to eachother again because it was sort of my apology, But i guess we both benefited from it.

I picked my book from the bookshelf and headed towards the garden. My mother was at work and my little sister was with my nan , so i guess i can finally relax and be on my own.

As i reached the deck chair the sun was shining bright into my eyes. So glad to have the summer back. The garden was quite , appart from the light wind and birds which chirped high up in the trees.

The deck chair was surprisingly comfortable so i decided to take a quick nap.

My nap was soon interupted when my fathers picture came in my head.

His bright hazel eyes which were identical to mine. His white pale skin which matched with mine. I was my dad and i had hurt him.

My anger risen and i started to feel really dazed , my temper was rising and i could feel myself wanting to hurt anything around . My fists immediantly rised and threw itself towards a tree smashing the tree hard making part of the tree break ; creating a ditch in the tree. A growl ripped threw me pulsing every muscle in my body to hurt everything around me.

Suddenly, The clouds went thick black and shadows formed around the trees. Lightening struck several metres away from me almost hitting the tree i had abrutantly punched.

I was scared but yet something inside of me was enjoying this and i could not do this , my energy was decreasing rapidly and then it was lightless and darknesswas filled through every inch of my sight, then nothing at all.

Daniel- I'll Get Her

The hall was crowded , the royals were in hysterics over this girl. She was the chosen; she was the girl who had it all. She was the girl who could save all of us and still remain alive herself ; my legend and hero. If she could save us then i would do anything for her, but this cannot work , she does not realise who she is and yet she is expected to have save a battle for us. Us who are yet the dark angels , the shadowed knights. Also known to humans as 'Vampires'.

We were cruel to them but she was not human , she was not normal. She was the vampire queen's daughter .Also the demons kings daughter. She was immortal of two seperate enemys. Half vampire and half demon. The king and queen which were enemys fell for eachother and created the most powerful creater known to us. She could kill anything in her path whether it was demon or vampire because she was both. The king and queen were killed when she was born because of creating such a creature and being together. The daughter was sent away from this and anounced dead . We the vampires kept her safe because we knew she was the only one who we could rely on to help us defeat the demons or keep them from destroying us. They are much more powerful than us and they plan to wipe us out, but with that girl, we will surely have victory.

However thats not the case at this percise moment because she is still only a child to us. She is half demon which allows her to age and help her blend in more as a human.

But her powers are coming as she grows and right now , she is experiencing it. The power is demanding and she cannot control it. The more angry she gets, the more powerful she gets and soon the angry enemy inside of her will force her to do it . Thats why we have to get her before its too late.

"My son Daniel...You have to bring her , she's finally discovering her powers and there comes more than risk to humans right now , bring her to me and we will decide from there what we shall do with her."

The command in his voice made me realise this girl was more the danger than i had known before, so i did not disagree.

"Yes..father , I will bring her back , Ian , jeremy come with me my brothers we must get her"

My brothers nodded and headed out before nodding back to my father.

I too nodded to my father and left with my speed taking over every part of my in-human body.

Serena- Where am i?

My head was pounding and my entire body was numb.What just happened. I got really angry then i started hitting a tree, then a sudden storm just happened to appear when i was angry?.

And now i wake up in my backgarden with my limp body still lieing down.

I slowly lifted my body and pulled my weight from the chair back onto my feet. My arms were sore but i had no cuts were i had hit the tree. How could that be. I hit that tree so hard. I looked straight towards the tree noticing it still had a huge hole between it and fist marks where my hand had been. Weird.

Before i could even think of what had just happened something pulled me into there arms and wrapping something around my eyes, blurring my vision from everything. I screamed in fear but my voice too was taken by a strong wind which was leaving me breathless.

The wind made me dizzy and i realised i was loosing consciousness. No stay awake serena.No , It was too late the darkness swept over me like a enormous cloud.

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